Have the superclubs had their day?


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:?: I'm just wondering how huge places like Privilege survive. Early summer tourist numbers are down. The pound's gone down against the euro which is going to make everything more expensive for us Brits. In the UK a lot of the big club nights have closed due to lack of interest. So how are the promoters going to keep filling those giant sheds?

:oops: I'll admit that the reason I'm asking these questions is because I'm a journalist who is hoping to write something for The Scotsman newspaper on how the clubs are coping with the stuff I've mentioned. I'm sure I'll get a lot of slagging for being a journalist. But I certainly won't be making a fortune out of anything I write. It will provide some beer money and, hopefully, get me on the guest list for one or two clubs. But that'll be it. I'll have to pay my flights, hotel, food, taxis etc like everybody else.

BTW I got asked to write the piece because I'd been raving about Ibiza to the deputy editor and she asked me if I'd be going over this year... how could I resist? Normally I write about technology and business.

The reason I've posted to this forum is I've lurked around and I know people love the island and its clubs as much as I do. It seems to be the best place to start finding out what's happening this season.

I've already talked to one or two people who say that some of the venues could be facing a tough time this summer, not the big names like Pacha, but some of the slightly less well-known ones. I also wondered if there were attempts to introduce something a bit different along the lines of last year's Skool Disco thing. I've heard mention of a Northern Soul night.

Anyway I'd really be interested to hear anybody's views on what's going to happen this summer. Thanks in advance. :p
(maybe) hard times

Interesting post.

And greetings from a fellow writer. I also think the island's superclubs are in for a surprise this season. In terms of hype the scene probably peaked in 1999 or 2000 - four UK-Ibiza mags, and a camera crew on every corner. All the clubs were full, and the UK couldn't get enough of the Ibiza. But tastes change and it couldn't last forever. Ibiza messed up MTV and clubbing is kinda passé, or not very interesting in a fat cat corporate dancefloor-branded sense anyway.

The way I see it, the package resorts are gonna suffer for years to come. In San An, Es Canar and the family resorts, bookings are well down for the second year. The backlash is being felt now, years after Ibiza Uncovered. After a five year media drip fed diet of puke, shagging and aggro, it's not surprising that yer great British package family looks elsewhere, whatever the reality.

Structurally, most Ibiza resorts just look dated. Built in the 60s and 70s, the huge concrete block, sell 'em cheapo formula looks is impersonal and ugly. Third world countries, like Thailand and Malaysia are building attractive low rise touristic developments successfully, having learnt from the mistakes of the Spanish.

With regard to the clubs, they’ve had such a phat few years that a downturn ain't gonna hurt too bad. Privilege has always been virtually empty for half the week. I guess things will dip this year again. Media interest cert is much less intense - I know people in Ibiza who have always been able to count on work with UK TV production cos who are not going to be working this summer. But for me, Ibiza could do with taking stock for a season or two. There will still be amazing parties, but quality will count much more. DC10, Underground, Pin Up and Pachá will all thrive. But as for the rest? If it takes a few hard years to discharge some of the greed that defines the Ibizan superclub "scene" s'fine by me. [/i] :D :arrow:

Hi Nick, just out of interest, have you written for The Scotsman much?

I work as a press officer in Glasgow so I know quite a few of the writers there. Amazing building too!
Worked at The Hootsmon for four years, latterly as technology editor. Left three years ago to set up my own business, penpusher. Now I write a weekly tech column every Friday.
Every year before the season kicks off there is talk about whether Ibiza has had it's day and all that, and every year it amounts to nothing, just talk.

I'm going for my 10th time in June and imo it just keeps getting better and better, things change but change is a good thing.

Last year the number of people going to Ibiza for San Antonio and the West End was down but the big club nights (Pacha, Space etc) were busier than ever.

Look at DC10, the club is still in its infancy but in 3 years they can fill it every Monday without even announcing who's playing.

There is such a buzz about Pin-Up this year and I'm sure that's going to be one of the years success stories.

I'll agree that clubs are suffering to an extent in this country but I think a lot of that is to do with choice, a few years ago most major cities just had one 'superclub', now there are a wealth of different clubs catering for different music styles so people are don't Gatecrasher or Ministry or whatever every wk like they used to. Also there's a lot of bars in London with 3am/4am licences so people will go to those and save themselves £15 entrance fee and just do a biggie club night say once a month. I can't see the same thing happening in Ibiza cos at the end of the day the clubbing season is only 4 months when a mass exodus of clubbers swamp to the island.

I can't see the established promoters suffering this year, the Ministrys, Creams, We Love Sundays are going to be as successful as ever, I do think it is harder for the new kids on the block to come in and be success just cos of the amount of choice there is now on island, but with the right amount of pre-planning they can work. Think about Gatecrasher in 2000, wkly at Pacha with Roger Sanchez as resident, just wan't going to work, this year they are doing mini-season at Amnesia which is much more suited to trance and with Armin and Ferry as residents.

Interesting question you've raised but imo it is nothing more than media talk which we hear every year before the season kicks off.
I agree with much of what you're saying. Maybe this summer will be another one where some places come into fashion, some go out and a few just keep on pulling them in. That's why I'm going to check it out in July for myself. I'd go sooner, but I'm not sure that I'd get a true picture. Early in the season everybody will tell you that things are going to get better.
i think prices will have to go down if the euro keeps falling
Sean, I assume you mean: "If the euro keeps rising."

It's an interesting one that. If the club owners cut the prices too much they'll drag in the beer monsters from San An which'll drive away the "classier" crowd... Also the Germans, Dutch etc aren't affected by the rising euro.

BTW Stingray you said you were a writer. Who for?
You mentioned earleyer about english superclubs going down the pan. There is a new Club in Blackpool opened and they promote themselfs as a superclub. Its called the The Syndicate in the first 6 months they have pulled in Judgement Sunday, Lashed ibiza warmup party, slinky world tour, Retro do a monthly party there, eddie halliwell, fergie, ferry corston, john kelly, jules the list is endless of who has played there allready. this club also has a capacity of 5500. this could be proof that superclubs in britain arnt dead :?:
I certainly wasn't meaning to suggest that all the superclubs had gone, but The Syndicate seems to be the exception. Have you been? What's it like? And how much do they charge for admission and drinks?

I just can't imagine that many people paying Ibiza prices every weekend in the UK except maybe in London. Pacha obviously thinks so.
its situated on three floors. the higher you go the more it costs
e.g if you stay on the first floor it cost about £5 and they play rnb hip hop
the second floor is the dance room £10 to get in you can use first and second floor
3rd floor is not open yet so im not suer.

ive been a couple of time and its brilliant (not been recently cause of uni)
the atmoshpher is said to be getting better all the time and the whole place looks really promising


The Syndicate is the biggest UK club I play, holding in the region of 5000 people. My last visit was the opening party, and then I sensed that some of the crowd were there for the occasion, rather than being dancemusic junkies.

This time it was even busier, but the crowd seemed much more musically attuned. Whereas last time it felt like just another gig, on this occasion it was really special.

It's no wonder the venue's been such a huge success, despite its daunting size. I can't wait to return in July- if you're located anywhere in the North West of England you should definitely check it out.

the website is http://www.thesyndicate.org

a pic of the Dance room with one hell of a bright ligh during Lisa Lashes doing a set there

Nice pic!

I have to say I agree with everything Barbie says. I think the superclubs will evolve and change with the times. Some clubs may go under - some new ones will come along and take their place. It's an industry like any other.

And as sure as eggs are eggs there will people at the start of every ibizian summer predicting the imminent demise of Ibiza and clubbing in general.

And it's all ... CRAP!

10 years from now - Ibiza and dance music (in all it's forms) will still be going strong! the two go hand in hand together and now that the san-an beer boy obsessed media have finially fooked off and left the serious clubbers alone I think the place will be better than ever.

All those who talked about Ibiza's hayday being the very late nineties should keep a close eye on the white isle because I can see it happening again soon. Only this time, the tv cameras wouldn't be there to spoil it!