Has Tidy Got Talent?


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Has Tidy Got Talent?
Send a Funny Video to Tidy and You Could Win a Prize Bundle Worth £1,000

Are you a budding Katy Brand or Danny Boyle; love shooting stuff on your Nokia, or just think you could do a a daft impression of your favourite dj? tidy's latest and biggest ever competition is your chance to find out!

All you have to do is send us a video of you auditioning to be your favourite dj or dance music characters. Maybe you want to mouse-up like Deadmau5, wipe down your PVC Proteus style- or simply bust out your best Lisa Lashes? Perhaps you'd prefer to show us what Obama would look like as a hard dance DJ or does everyone tell you that you shoulder a passing resemblance to Rob Tissera?

All you have to do is send us a short clip or upload it to youtube and tell us the link. It can be shot on any format you like, just send us your funniest, daftest and most creative Djtastic clips!

The filmmaker who makes the peeps at TidyHQ laugh the most will receive one year's FREE ENTRY to all tidy events including its Weekenders, and festivals. You'll also get a whole big bag of guestlist and clothing goodies. In fact the prize is so HUGE that if you tot it all up it's worth over £1,000.

The full prize bag includes the following:

1 Year's free entry to ALL tidy events (including festivals & Weekenders)
*Full V.I.P entry to Magna +1
*Free V.I.P entry to Hard Beat Manifesto +1 www.hardbeatmanifesto.com
*tidy T-Shirt
*M8 / tidy goody bag
*Free entry to any Storm event +1
*Free entry to any Kissdafunk event +1
*Free entry to any Summit event +1
*Free entry to any Xstatic event +1
*Free entry to any Bionic event +1
*Free T-shirt of your choice from www.clubbersclothing.com
*DSI T-Shirt
*1 x full subscription to the tidy label
*1 x copy of the brand new "Love tidy" album
*1 x full subscription to the Vicious Circle label
*10 Best entries will be posted on the Tidy-Tube
*The 10 best entries will be shown at tidy's Homecoming @ Magna

So as Simon Cowell might say let's see if tidy Britain has got talent!

Winner will be announced at Magna: The Homecoming on Saturday 7th March

To enter simply upload your film to Youtube then email us the link the info@tidy.comwith the heading clearly marked as 'Tidy Magna Comp - "Tidy's Got Talent" Closing Date 4th March

*Warning: All footage must be original and shot by the entrant or have permission to do so by the filmmaker.

Tidy: Homecoming
Saturday 7th March, Magna Centre

8pm till 6am /

Line-Up includes: Technoboy, Lab 4 Live, Captain Tinrib Live, Agnelli & Nelson, Lisa Lashes, Lisa Pin-Up, Rob Tissera, Paul Glazby, Solarstone Andy Whitby, Andy Farley, Alex Kidd, Superfast Oz, Jonathan Ulysses, BK, Lucy Fur, Technikal, Rodi Style, Ed Real, Kim Ayres, Trophy Twins, Garbo, Andy Richmond and more......

Tickets available from www.tidy.com

Ticket Outlets:
Standard Tickets £25
www.tidy.com 01709 710 022
www.ticketweb.co.uk (search Tidy) 08700 600 100
G-Star 0114 273 7546
Sheffield Records 0114 276 7093