Has this happened to anyone else???

mrs. d.

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It's been a few months since we've gotten back, and we've been taking it seriously EASY. Very limited hoo-hawing.

But just yesterday, we were driving home from work, Defected in the House/JJ & KK, disc two... windows down... sunsetting... and E-Samba comes on... turns our wee Golf into a bass-rumbling disco machine. I'd forgotten how wicked that song is. After hearing it every 32 minutes in Ibiza and taking it for granted, it hit the spot. I think it's happily going to be my Summer 2003 Mood Lifter.

Any other songs get lost in the rubble/binned in the overkill bucket and taken back out only to be loved more than they'd started with??
Definitely - was so sick of 'Shake It', hearing it since Miami WMC.. then heard it at the River Bar in Maidstone and it took me right back to that silly yellow podium in Space - magic!!
After killing David Guetta and Satisfaction, I got almost teary, hearing Lee Cabrera play them here last weekend. He played Kujay Dada, and it was like my mate and I were the only ones there that got it. NY'rs are horrible audiences.
I think we're getting to that part of the summer when we can be appreciative of all the good things that have come our way ;)
Defo Mrs d, We All Love Sax was hammered last year, but seeing Tim Deluxe perform it live with bass guitar, p0rn sax, bongos and live PA it keeps going around in my head.....de der, da der, de der, da der ....my eyes r buggin out..... :D