has anyone use DanceXport?



Are they a reliable company to book with?

I will hopefully be going Sunday, the DanceXport company have good cheap deals that we can afford, so we want to phone them up tomorrow to book, but I want to know how reliable they are first?
if you've seen the holidays for dancexport on teletext you may be dissapointed when you call, they had holidays on there really cheap but they didnt exist when we called up.
To be honest mate Dancexport use the same travel agencies as everyone else (i.e BargainHolidays.com etc etc) they have the odd discount which is very rare and normally very small. I got my holiday thru Teletext. Got a weeks holiday with Thomsons, named pucka hotel for £180 al in..cant be bad.
I wouldn't trust them as far as i could throw them!

Rang up for availability and price to get to the bahia end of august flying out on a monday to be told 329.00.

Wicked went and stayed there last year with ministry and it was the best holiday/hotel ever. needed to check with mates that all was alright so hung up and phoned round.

Rang danceesport back to book to be told that the holiday actually flew out on a sunday (couldn't do it) and was price at £799.00 per person due to it being the last room.

The salespersons offer to find me something else was met with me hanging up!
Well for anyone else, I did book with Danceexport costing £235 each for a week, there was 2 of us, we stayed at Mesteret and the rooms were huge!

Between the 2 of us, we had two massive bedrooms, with 3 large beds, two bachoneys (sp), a large kitchen and bathroom and a dinning room

They were very helpful aswell, and they knocked off there commision so I could afford the holiday, I will be sure to book through them again