Has Anyone Stayed at Aparthotel Garbi??



I was just wondering if anyone had stayed at Aparthotel Garbi in Playa Den Bossa. I went to Ibiza for my first time last year and stayed in San Antonio. This year I'd like to stay on another part of the island. How was your experience at Garbi? How does it compare to Jet Apartments since I know they are close to one another. We're mid-20's clubbers and want a fun atmosphere without hearing music all night from our hotel.
Ups -
V close to Space & Bora Bora
Can get half board accomodation (essential) - Don't think Jet offer this

Downs -
V family orientated & full of horrid reps (urgh)
In a horrid bit of playa d'en bossa


Go for it cos anythings better than San An.
not stayed in it but mostly german with a terrible 'NITECLUB' below it went there once for a laugh with my girlfriend for a water party lots of mullets, Bryan Adams and some guy sweeping about an inch of water about the floor but saying that i would have no problem staying anywhere in playa den bossa as its so close to bora bora, space, dc10,ive never worried about the apartments its the clubbing that makes my holiday not the room im staying in