Has anybody used the Club in pass for Ibiza???


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I work in a travel agents and I'm changing jobs but before I go I've got some vouchers that I have to spend on travel. I've booked my holiday and car hire etc but there is a company called Seligo that offers a pre paid club pass called a Club In Pass so I thought I would get these.

They are a reputable company but I just wondered if anybody had any experience of using these passes? :?:
mmm, depends hun. All the ones ive came across in the past are for shit nights! - But if u know for certain what nights u wanna go to and if the pass if valid and saves u some wonga sounds like a deal!

If ur still unsure u could try emailing a few of the clubs (just to check the validity of the pass)

Have decided against it. I'm pretty sure it's valid for the clubs but they can't give me info on whether I would be able to get a pass out for Space for instance.
ye, best stay away darlin! If they're reluctant to give out information, they'll prob be reluctant to sort out any problems you have- or give u ur cash back!