has any one though of making their own ibiza film



have any of you guys/girls ever thought of making your own ibiza

what would it be like?
TigerVlc said:
english title: "Dream Ibiza"

the correct title in english is ibiza dream!! ;)

:arrow: http://www.ibizadreamthefilm.com

is it any good

have you seen, this film and is it any good

ill be doing some filming over in ibiza in august for 2 weeks but its not for no feature film its just a dvd thats coming out september/october this year its full of skits pranks and stunts but its nothing too serious at the moment
Re: is it any good

ksixty9 said:
have you seen, this film and is it any good

I've seen it. It's a relaxed and intimist movie. You'll not find in it images of the big clubs, just private parties in country houses and jet-set parties at a mansion and a lil' nightlife in Dalt Vila.

It's not about drugs, except for the party at the beginning of the movie when the three leading characters go acid. (It's a funny part). And some lines one of them snort at the mansion.

You'll get instead nice views of the island (beaches, streets, etc) and a strong craving to get there. But is a dramatic movie. The plot is a little watered-down and maybe would become a little boring for some people, mainly for those ones who expect a movie about clubbing. Anyway I recommend y'all to see it. I'm sure it would be ok for anyone who loves Ibiza not only for its nightlife.
I'm planning on making my own little movie while I'm there, but only for my own personal viewing pleasure!
been seriously thinking about writing a film about my experiences working there last year but aint got a clue how to go about it.
What about 'Is Harry on the boat' & 'Kevin & Perry Go Large'???

I also remember another film about murder in Ibiza but i can't remember the title, I'll check my video collection and report back.

' A short film about chilling' is the greatest thing i've ever seen about Ibiza (& i'm lazing in the back ground when they pan around the pool watching the DJ's)
the guy who found me a flat out in ibiza last year said he had ambitions to make a movie about ibiza he was a film student,im well into film too,so watch this space
theres a great film/doc that jimi mistry (he was the scientist in 2012 etc) did about 3 years ago or so called "and the beat goes on" its fantastic - it may seem at the start that its just another clubbing in ibiza film but stick with it - it has all the usual suspects in it - it finally came out earlier in the summer on dvd - should be able to get it from amazon or where ever you shop