Has any been to Punta Del Est?


Ian Bit

But has anyone been to Punta Del Est in Uruguay....I fancy going there next year, but know next to nothing about it....?!

i've heard reports about this place, it sounds fantastic.

sorry ian....

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I looked into it but couldn't find ANY info on the net. I was going to kick off a year round the world there in Jan but I've put it back till Oct/Nov and probably wont end up going thru uragauy :(

basically it's expensive to get there but once you are even the top hotels are affordable. The nights don't seem to be driven by big promoter and I think there are only a few "main" clubs (All good IMO). It's very much a pbeach holiday kind of place and the main ones are replete with stunning ladies and good beach DJ's
yeah- it's the follow-up to Rob Da Bank's Ibiza Sunset.
Never been to PDE, but I have a friend who just got back. It's like a smaller, calmer version of Ibiza. Not sure if it's worth the trip, especially if you already live in Europe relatively close to IBZ....
Cheers for ya thoughts...

It isnt top of the list anyway...Ibiza this year, Miami WMC proceed it anyway......maybe next year!

Helen.....yes, at last!! And remember its all about the mules baby!!
I have been; it is amazing. Makes Ibiza look like Bognor (but I do love Ibiza!)
The only other brit we met out there was James Barton, who owns Cream and has a bar there called Cream en el mar, which is the coolest beach bar I have EVER been to. It is a sunset place, and is just packed with beautiful people, amazing music and the cleanest drugs I have had since I was last in South America.
I went 2 years ago - the season lasts for about 6 weeks until mid feb, and the place to stay is La Barra, near Punta. Punta itself is a bit like Miami - all built up and full of loaded old south americans. La Barra is where the beautiful hip young S. Amercians go.
The main club is La Morocha and I had some of my best clubbing nigths ever there - the atmosphere is incredible as the whole scene is still so fresh and new there, not like for us jaded European clubbers. Then there is an after party at a plush villa every morning that goes on till mid afternoon with free booze. The boys we were with said they had never seen such amazing girls!
Let me know if you have other qu's. It is a pain to get to and expensive, but worth it, and cheap when you are there compared to Ibiza. The rest of uruguay is pretty poor though and we combined it with 10 days seeing the rest of the country. Be a shame to go all that way and not. You could also combine it with a trip to Argentina as that is really close and you will def have to layover there on your journey.
Anyway, off to Ibiza tomorrow! Yeah!
there are many blonde people in south an latin america,....in cube there is a region, where over 70 % are blonde! :eek: ;)
Um no.
Uruguay is VERY stable, and not dangerous at all. I was blond then, and apart from getting chatted up a lot, was fine.
It is a tiny country with only 2 million inhabitants - is much more European than other bits of S. America.