Har Mar Superstar


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Is he performing at Manumission for the rest of the season?

Also, does he have any other 'guests' lined-up? I can't believe that The Rapture played there last month. That would've been amazing!
the ron jeremy of indie rock!! :eek:

<--- :lol:
Dunno if he does a different song every week or not but when we saw him in Manumission for the finally he burst out onto the top stage and belted out a pretty decent rendition on John Lennon's "imagine" wearing only a pink thong. Quite moving actually!
About 3pm I think. He was finishing as I arrived so didn't get to catch him and my boyfriend was too bothered about seeing him either.
I didn’t know he was on – cant remember seeing it on any of the line ups. To be honest I cant really remember where I was at 3pm.
Har Mar Superstar is a sound bloke. At the Carry-On opening party he was just walking round talking to people. He showed us how to play our plastic saxophone. 8)

He's an excellent choice to host the Music Box (or whatever the back room's called). Although the emphasis in the main room at Manumission may not be on the music (Alfredo excepted), the stuff played in the back room is usually pretty decent.

Some people might accuse them of jumping on the electroclash/disco-punk bandwagon, but I think it's a positive move, in the same way as Underwater getting Scratch Perverts etc. to play the Global Room. Funky house & trance/hard house aren't the only musical genres that can generate big party vibes, so its good to see other music getting a look in on Ibiza.

Not preaching, honest :oops: . Love my house music as much as the next guy.