Happy House??


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I was hoping I could get a few suggestions (please :D)

I love house music, preferably happy up beat house not hard house. I like Donald Glaude and Bad Boy Bill and the like. I also love my breakbeats being from Orlando I can hear those any night of the week though.

I do plan to visit one of the giant clubs during my short stay but I really like the smaller not so crowded that I can dance around kinds of places. I get a bit of closterphobia when I have armpits in my face and beer splashing on me. :rolleyes:

I am doing a whole tour of Spain so I will only be in Ibiza for 2 nights July 7 and 8.

I looked at the DJ line ups but they seem still a bit incomplete. I did read the descriptions of the clubs but just wanted to ask the folks who have been around what they suggested for me.

Thanks a million! 8)


Sounds to me like you'd enjoy any of the nights at Pacha or El Divino, as well as certain specific parties like We Love at Space on Sundays or some of the nights over in San Antonio (Es Paradis, Eden)

We've got another Orlando native on here who's a regular, by the way. Miss Florida is her name. You could send her a private message to ask what she enjoyed last summer. (not that all Floridian tastes are monolithic, but still could be helpful)

The DJ line-ups are filling up nicely now and you'll find more info on who's playing where in the Confirmed Club Nights section of the forum (they usually wait until they're double-confirmed before adding them to the calendar.)

Oops... now that I've typed all that, I realize you're there for only 2 nights. Extend your trip! It's not enough ;)

I'd recommend Armada at Amnesia on that Tuesday - Roger Sanchez playing straight-up house in terrace room while you'll hear more trancey sounds in the main room. Wednesday, you could try Subliminal at Pacha.