Happy Birthday Olly!

Aye, happy birthing day big man.

this ones on you...

My search turned up this........


Only Jesting...............have a good one.


Happy Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday Man...........will send you a signed copy of my latest album.

Lots of Love

Your mate Bono.
why, thank you and you and you and you and yes you

*unfortunately last night was trully horrendous at a personal level although the venue itself - the Horatia, Holloway Road - has a lot of promise (chernobyl-style toilets for starters, which is always a good sign)
A search on Google for "Happy Birthday, Olly" turned up this gem



Happy Birthday!

yes Ive seen the picture on here before didn't we say something about him looking like a cross between Russel Brand and somebody... can't remember who lol


happy belated birthday Olly =) XX