'Happiness is Loneliness' Track ID Please!


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Hey Folks,

While preparing myself for another two weeks of paradise and hedonism by reading your insightful posts, I came across a song that I absolutely love but have no clue as to what the name is!!

Was Listening to the Terence Patrick set 'Rolling Stoned' on friskyradio when I heard it, if that helps!?!?!?

Female vocals "Happiness is Loneliness, and Loneliness is by my side..."

any guesses or attempts would be greatly appreciated!

methinks its tomcraft

I think what you're looking for is "loneliness" (the song, not the feeling), by tomcraft.
Thanks guys, yes this is it! I've just been researching to find this tune and this topic has answered my question. I was out there a couple of weeks ago and I came back on a mission to find this little stormer. Cheers. :)
Finally picked this up today, what a tune, eh? It's great to hear it again; takes me back to the good times I had. Someone somewhere is playing this right now to a load of happy people and I wish I was with 'em! Anyway, it was nice to hear from the people who like it, and thanks again to those who identified it. :)