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my girlfriend is comming on holiday with me and she wants to know if girls carry handbags with them or they just carry their purses in their hand, what is safer because shes worried about her money being stolen.
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Can anyone help?
some/many girls do have handbags there

mine has a nice bag (suiceeyed) with a strap that goes across the opposite shoulder, harder to snatch if you go somewhere dodgy (prob not essential in ibiza though) and can dance with it on easily

troubles me when girls i'm with just carry their purses and then leave them lying around on tables etc, asking for a spoilt night out. phoning up to cancel cards off your nut is no fun (been there too many times)

off to the airport in a few hours :D
I just got back from Ibiza and my girlfriend did not take her handbag with her, instead just carrying her money in pockets or giving to me to carry. She regretted this the whole time and it would have been handy from my point of view also so she could carry things like cameras, etc.
it's true. when myself and mrs rustywoo go out it is always better when she has a bag as she can carry everything :D
most of my female friends have little wrist strap purses which hold their money/gum/keys/durgs. they all swear by them