Hand stamps at Privilege?



I knwo you can get handstamps at Eden and Pacha and places if you want to leave the club and come back fro whatever reason, but can you do the same at Privilege or Amnesia for that matter?
Privilege used to give you UV stamps. And you had to put your hand under a UV light to see it. Don’t know if that’s still what they do.
the tap water is drinkable?? what in the toliets?? what abotu if you wanted to go back to your car or something outside Privelege??
Any time ive been they’ve given me an invisible stamp on my hand that lets you leave. When you go back in, you put your hand under a UV light and the stamp shows. I didn’t go to Privilege last year so I don’t know if its still the same.

And yes, apparently they have their own water supply so it is supposed to be drinkable. Never tried it though.
not sure its worth the week on teh toilet by riskign the drinking water anywhere on teh island!!! ill survive on vodka for the weke i think!! lol, maybe the odd bottled water i spose :)
privilege used to do uv stamps. nowadays most clubs dont stamp u till after a certain time (2ish).