Half finished club next to Es Paradis?


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What is that large structure next to Es Paradis!? It looks to me like a half finished 3rd superclub for San An!
vienna said:
used to be disco idea in the 80ies,...

correct :!:

I remember going there in about 86/87? It had brick walls with palm leafs as a ceiling. I remember West End Girls was played that glorious evening!

I think the guy must have thought, right, I am going to build a super club, then realised he did not have the cash. It's a shame, would have liked to have seen his plans....
It's a lovely building! I believe it was designed by Dali, but I could be wrong.
i think someone should do it up, theres another site towards cala tarrida that has just been a block of nothing for a few years! :confused:
half finished club

i remember a club up the road.which was out side open disco,with tents covering the club.i think that was the idea club.1982.free to get in.AND PALM TREES.IT WAS A VERY GOOD CLUB.PACKED EVERY NIGHT.