Hairdressing in Ibiza?



Hello,just found you!! Want to start a new life in Ibiza,loads of research to do...and I'm just at the begining! Would ideally like to run a mobile hairdressing business there but no doubt would have to start with a salon job (but need to learn the lingo FAST) or cleaning job until I can get it off the ground.I have no idea where to find wholesalers or where the most ex pats live,can anyone head me in the right direction?? I would be soooo grateful for any hints or tips x
Ibiza-girlie said:
yeah and I wish I could join you! 8)

Thats ok, u'll just have the usual perks of knowing the owner (crashing at mine and having free drinks!) :p
Loads to sift through!!

Once I get some ideas and info I am off!! I'm sure I'll have room on my sofa when my mates aren't over so you could crash and have a 'new do' for sashaying round the town at night! Thanks for your replies x
yeah i would love to know as well!!!

what do you need for a licence?
where to purchase, or lease property?
right! We'll all club together and get one! I say Ibiza town will be the best place. Unless theres somewhere better?