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I am still on the island at the moment and will not be back for a few years now. This is my 6th time and my boyfriends 3rd. The prices for drinks in the clubs are really geting beyond a joke now. Don´t mind paying the prices to get in as you pay for the quality however when you pay 10E for a drink you at least expect a smile with it! I will be writing a full review of whichever nights I end up going to when I come back next Sunday. Lets just say that I can see the "magic" in the Magic Island now....Should be called the Rip Of Island now. Or the Land of Ignorant club staff... Will tell more on my return to Blightly- After I go to a club in Glasgow for some cheap bevy, god DJS and NICE bar staff
Hope you don't mind if i disagree with you here..............

............I had a laugh and a joke with nearly every bar person that served me this year. I am 100% sure that if you make the effort with them then they make the effort back with you.....anyway working in a bar is sometimes no fun at all (especially in this year's heat!) so a bit of banter was usually appreciated!

AND we all know that the place is pricey - there is no point denying it......its not like the prices have suddenly gone up overnight is it!!?? I just reckon that its a bit churlish for people to complain about the prices....its the best week of your life (in most cases) and you do generally get what you pay for in the clubs. Also, if it was cheap then the island would be totally over-run with the wrong sort of person and then we would all be complaining about that! you can never win can you!?

Anyway - things like Bora Bora are cheap as chips and thats been superb this year!
I noticed that the bar staff could be a bit unfriendly (and at Cream actually asked to keep some of my change for a tip :eek: was so shocked i couldnt say no :oops: :rolleyes: ) but i work in a big hotel, and i must be one of the unfriendliest members of staff on payroll, so i can sympathise. Constantly dealing with drunk people, snobs and just your generic a$$holes can bring on a condition known as Hatred of the General Public, which i suffer from, from the minute i enter the place till i leave. Outside of work, im cool 8) :D So i can see why you think the bar staff can be nasty, but maybe in their shoes you would be the same?

:) Just a thought
I too got a bit pissed of with certain aspects of Ibiza this year. But I still love it to pieces and couldnt really have a summer without it.
I can see both points of the argument and as a former barman i remember the nights when i was moody and not-too customer friendly

on a similar vein, as a diabetic, how sh*t is it that "dearest club on the island" Pacha, doesn't sell Diet Coke! A great help to the anti-sugar brigade there.

and why did i get a free drink at Subliminal and for the same entry fee, same no of djs 2 days later at Pure Pacha - no free drink?
Agree: bar staff are not the nicest people in the world in ibiza. Some were lovely mind, but others were absolute misery guts, despite my best smile!

Amnesia women bar staff always take a tip out of the change from blokes paying. I was warned before I went in by a mate, so annoyed them by handing over the exact right amount :lol:

Probably would say that Pacha staff were the worst, and what's with the glass water bottles? Incredibly annoying to dance with as they are heavy and have no lid.
Totally agree on the randomness of the glass Pacha bottles -- not to mention how dangerous could that be? Hullo?

I don't think it's worth the extra "classiness" of glass to forego the ease and safety of the plastic :!:
hmmm... bar girls at Space (We love sundays and Carl Cox) and Amnesia (CoCoon and Cream) were totally ok last week. No problems at all, no tip taken from my change, friendly, with a smile.

I even got an extra big shot of Vodka on my RedBull (actually ordered and payed without Vodka!) after chatting with one at Cream.

So - maybe just be nice to them and they are nice to you ?
I work at a bar to and i can tell you that you cannot judge about the friendly thing unless you worked behind a bar in an overcrowded place. And the personell didn't make the prices.
They shud be pleasant considering the ammount of dosh we spend on there watered down drinks, a smile does not cost a penny. :evil:
I must say, I didn't have any problems with bar tenders. At the contrary, they were usually up for a laugh and a chat. We've even become friends with some of the folks.
I must say that I agree.. I have been on Ibiza 4 summers non-stop..... and although that is not as long as a lot of others, it was enough to see the island changing to too much of everything.

I especially have bad memories of the Amnesia-staff! Paying 8 euros and not getting back your change, no, she/he just walked to the other busy part of the bar and served people there. Or giving back 1 euro or less.. sorry, but that is not the way I wanna give tips. Especially not for arrogant, bad mood, barstaff.

I can imagine that you can't have your day every day, but hey, it is your job to be friendly to the clients! And it is your job to take care of a nice mood inside the club!
I have been to Ibiza twice this year - once in June, and just got back last Friday (Sept 12th).
Both times have been fantastic and I cannot complain about the prices.
If you don't like it, have a few before you go out - the local supermarket in San Antonio sold litre bottles of vodka for 5 euros 60 - whats to complain about...cheap as chips!
As for the bar staff, I've had no probs with them at all. Felt sorry for the poor girl downstairs in Space on Sunday 7th Sept - she was on her own for a long time and doing her very best.
Ibiza is fantastic! :)
Well... people say that Ibiza is open and friendly for everyone.. but the above 2 comments are really not fitting in that story...

Sorry, but people like you 2 with that kind of comments should stay away of Ibiza, only friendly, open, happy and party-minded people please!
I respect opinions (well, not that opinion that I am a geek), but I simply can't stand people who think they are the world, and everyone who says something what doesn't fit in their opinion, are called geeks or something.

Of course you should not go to Ibiza if you don't wanna pay for it, but if you wanna pay for it (like I am), you can at least expect some friendly staff for it....

Besides that.. I wasn't complaining about the costs, but about the service.
I've worked at a bar, and belive me that sometimes is very difficult to give a smile to someone who is absolutely drunk :cry:
But I always try to get a big one :lol:
My opinion from the staff bars and clubs is not very goog, because most of them are english people, that doesn't speak spanish (I'm) they didn't understand me and they didn't try to, I had to speak english. It isn't a problem to me in england or another place but I'm in my country and I'm very worried about it. :cry:
Have a nice party!!
as I´ve written in some other post, this is the usual price for a drink in Denmark. Try living in Norway, in a regular store you cant but a bottle of wine below 11-12 Euros and thats for a really poor bottle of red or white! Imagine the pircies in bars! Insaaaane!

I´d go to Ibiza no matter what! The prices aren´t holding me back, but I agree with some of you, the staff in Pacha have been rude towards me - but in some other places, like f.i Privelege you always get service with a smile! And wauw there are some hotties m/f behind those counters!