Had a great first time!



Hi, it was my first time in ibiza (and first holiday with me mates, im only 17). we had an amazin time over there an im still missing the place now! by reading a lot of threads on this forum i get the picture most of yers dont like the west end, but we thought it was ok and went 14 nights on the row. the only clubs we went were eden (4 times, euphoria was the best), es paridis water party, and cream @ amnesia.

amnesia would have been the best night by far just because of venue and paul van dyk was playing :D but it was too packed and you couldnt move at all and by the end of the night i was a lil p*ssed off wen people kept walkin past which obviosly wasnt there falt cos i was doing same thing half the time.

un - fortunatley we paid for the package with the rep :confused: which we didnt really get our moneys worth with, this meant going to eden 3 times which was superb, clock work orange was really quiet for some reason but still had a good time and jon 00 fleming was a cool guy. we also paid for lashed which was good with a sh*t hot set from BK.

Only regrets of holiday was:
not goin the beach once! (missed buses)
not going manumission
not going space

The hotel (hotel Llevant, right by the west end) was ok for a one star but couldnt sleep because was way too hot at night, and the night watcman was a miserbale prIck!

All in all we had a great time and met some really nice people, i stil wana be there now, work is depressing and im guessin all other holidays arent goin to match up to ibiza but was worth it!

Nice one mate, shame about not going space though but hey you're only 17, pleny of years left to go back :)

Dont listen to people on here if they slag off the the west end, its obvious you had a good time and thats all that matters whether or not others think different!