Ha ha! Just Been Blocked On Twitter By Gary Barlow!


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Some of them deserve to be burned.. that honey gojoon blocked me.. she said "wouldn't it be great to play a festival for just black people and people of colour" 😕 wtf.. so I quickly joined the gram and said " good luck with that and hope you have a big quest list because Black people love stuff for free".. it didn't go down to well lol even Seth bloxer laid in.. 😂 bloody snowflakes

Kim Wrong Un

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I know a few journos, decent people, who get constantly harangued by twats (because they work at the 'wrong' paper) and I can see why they get fed up. But then others are just pure ego. I got blocked by Owen Jones for 'wasting his time' (!) The guy's an absolute tool but I generally avoid picking fights these days. People just automatically think you're a social calamity who doesn't get out much. I think there's also a wider understanding nowadays that there are lot of mentally unwell people and cranks with access to the internet, who you have to just try and sidestep.