H-Foundation are no more


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Latest news is that Halo & Hipp-E are no longer recording or touring together as H-Foundation. The duo, known collectively as H-Foundation and 6400 Crew, have produced tracks for a number of labels including Soma, Yoshitoshi and their own Siesta Music which they ran from their Californian hometown of San Diego. Their music has often been described as containing that special ‘West Coast’ sound and feel.

All this led to successful mix compilations for the Fabric nightclub in London, NRK Division (UK) and more recently EQ Recordings in Australia. Their last single as H-Foundation – “Slayin’ The Dragon” - will be released on Soma Records on 27th October. The name H-Foundation may, however, be kept alive in some shape or form in the future. More information on this will follow soon. (07/10/03)

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How did you find this out?

This is from Joy (their manager)...

Dear all,
I have just met with Brian and spoken with Eric and
we all need to be aware that the duo will no longer be working together.
It is vital that we all understand that there are no hard feelings simply
a fork in the road for two amazingly talented DJ/producers. They realize asdo I that there are scheduled appearances that need to be made. Things between them are fine and they are looking forward to enjoying the last of their dates together.

Halo has concedes the H-Foundation name and future
appearances to Hipp-E.We discussed in detail and Halo agrees that is would be unfair to Soma, his agents, and certainly to Eric to force further
promotions into the ground when they just had their first #1 single in Europe. Halo has chosen the 1st of the new year as the date which he will make the break. Hipp-E and Halo are both excited and looking forward to new attention to their solo productions & appearances.

If you have any questions or need more information
please contact me directly any time.

In closing I want to say that all that this may not be
a total surprise, as many of us have seen this coming. I want to make surethat the two of them can enjoy the dates that remain and that they their partnership can be celebrated for all that it has brought - nothing to
regret, something to positive for both of them.

Respect & kind regards,

Catch em at one of these venues before the end of the year...
Tsunami @ Milk, Belfast Friday, 17th October 2003

Rehab, Leeds Saturday, 18th October 2003

The Necto Nightclub, Ann Arbor Thursday, 30th October 2003

Club South Beach, Carter lake Friday, 31st October 2003

Sankey's Soap, Manchester Saturday, 8th November 2003

The Masque, Liverpool Saturday, 8th November 2003

The Vault, Orlando Friday, 14th November 2003

Vertigo Discotheque, San Jose Saturday, 15th November 2003

Halo's just grown out of the H-Foundation sound, and judging by his 'Lakeshore Drive' on BlueM, there's some exciting things to come ;)