Ok .. this may sound strange but, I really can't seem to get it into my head that in June (14th is when we go), Ibiza is going to be HOT for sure!

Was planning on taking jeans for wearing at night and clubbing ... but, am I making a big boo boo by doing this .... am I going to regret it when I try and walk around in clothing that is sticking to me? The clubs too? Are they well air conditioned or do you get sticky hot in there ? (The sort of sticky hot where you have to remind yourself to go to the loo ten minutes before you actually wanna go as it takes that long to get your jeans down your legs!)
you DON´T wanna wear jeans in the clubs, it will get too hot and completely mess your evening up, go for dresses, satinpants, thin blouses or tops, whatevers not too thick or weighs too much, as you will sweat and probably dance a lot too. just a friendly advice!
ok, for guys: you HAVE to wear long trousers on ibiza nights! otherwise you will look like an mallorca tourist 8) ;) ;) ;)
*Saffy* said:
The clubs too? Are they well air conditioned or do you get sticky hot in there ?

the club owners don't seem to understand this air conditioning word....
Oh dear .. that means I've gotta go shopping now !! Shucks!

Thank you ... I mean REALLY REALLY thank you ... I would have gone out there taking just jeans to wear at nights ... `cos for some stupid reason I thought that as the clubs must surely make a mint, that they would have state of the art air conditioning ! ( How wrong was I !!! )

Gotta go shop .. catch you all later ..... :)
Really depends how much you sweat (and I don't mean stink), just if you perspire like Tom Jones, you might find Jeans a problem. But I had no probs.

It's certainly no where near as bad as those small sweat boxes us older clubbers used to enjoy so much around about 1990. Underground clubbing ey? Those were the days!!!!! Quadrant Park, The Havana, Walkers, Philmores, The Hacienda, Back to Basics, Golden..............

.......NOW THAT WAS SWEATING !!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
From a fellow lady....

I wouldn't wear jeans. I can't even wear them in clubs in Glasgow as it gets too hot, so imagine what it'll be like over there!

The clubs are well air-conditioned so it doesn't get to unbearable which was something I was worried about before going, although many folk take a fan with them to cool down-and others around you!

In the clubs, I just used to wear a sleeveless top, a light skirt and a pair of trainers. Comfort is the main thing really.
Hey Guys

I have also got a question along these lines.

I'm going to Ibiza on 27th June and although I have been to Ibiza twice before I have only ever been in August and am not sure what to pack. I know the weather is going to be warm during the day but does it get a bit on the chilly side in the evening? Therefore will I need to pack something a bit warmer for chilling out in?

Cheers peeps ;)
You wont need to cover up at all at night. I went in September and the weather was colder than normal so I packed a couple of lightweight tops and didn't need them once.
I'm a male and in my three visits to Ibiza I've never taken a pair of jeans. My preference was always light cotton/cotton-blend pants with short sleeve shirts for nights out on the town. During the day it's swim trunks/sporty shorts, tees/tank tops, and funky sunglasses 8)
I ALWAYS wear trousers out clubbing (but not jeans) and I've always been fine, even in July and August.

I'm just not a skirts or dresses kind of girl.