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Im coming to san an to work the season from the 9th of may, an looking for somwhere cheap to pump the guns, lol. i no the fraile gym in san antonio is about 15 euroes a time, which on workers peasents wages is quite expensive.. does anyone no of any cheaper gyms, or hotels with half decent gyms that wouldn't mind if you snide in and 'borrow' there facilities??
There's a gym in San An Bay just near BN3 called Rummy's. Good gym, it was 50EUR a month last season! If you pay upfront for the season tho, it works out alot cheaper!

Doubt you'l find anywhere for free but good luck!
theres also a gym not far from fraile gym in calas de moro, just along from the petrol station, looks a bit run down from the outside, never been in but i guess it will be cheaper than fraile.

As the other poster has said, the longer you take out your membership for the cheap it works out.

Ive never come across any hotel/apartments that have anything 'decent' in gym equipment, sometimes a treadmill and a multigym if your lucky. Blau Parc maybe, but i guess security would be strict getting it due to it being a 4star

a quick google search brings up this list of hotels with gyms in san antonio
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theres a good gym at the side of kanya which is well equiped and cheap. it overlooks the sea.its classed as calla des mores but its just a ten minute walk from san an. if your over there to work then youll have time to stroll up there.:p:p
Thanks for the info.. its a nice thought that ill b able to stay in shape when im over there, but i guess that all depends how messy i get!! haha.. im sure ill b able to pursuade myself to go a few times an if the price aint too steep i mite aswell pay upfronf for the month.. cheers
Master Gym's the way forward. Proper gym. No labels on the weights and people who come shout at you if you're being a pussy.

Think it's 20-25 a month. Off Soletat near Ibiza Rocks.
I agree master gym is prob the best and the cheapest the couple that run the place are really good to get on with and also do spinning classes a couple of times a week. Cant remember how much it is think its about 25/30 euros. The only thing i would say on a downside is there is no air con but i dont really mind it as your going to be sweating anyway.
does anyone know if there are any boxing/mma gyms in Ibiza...thinking of visiting for 6 weeks and want to keep in some kind of shape!