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Since I've got back from Ibiza, I've been on a bit of a downer! Got my pictures back and they were great, really captured our good times there!

The weather in Cardiff isn't the best. I went to Swansea on Sunday thinking it might be nice to walk along the beach front & no how sadly mistaken was I? It rained, thundered & turned cold. The beach was nothing like some beaches I went to in Ibiza.

Why am I here?

Anyone else feel like this?? :cry: :cry:
The only answer is to book up for the closing parties - it's nearly lunchtime - get on the internet and book it today!
was thinking that, but so many other places I want to go as well. Looked on the net for holidays already....... But! I may just pop to Ibiza for a long weekend, providing I've got enough holiday left this year. 12 days at the moment.
Tell me about it - I've got a week in August (Ibiza of course!) and I've booked Christmas off and I've already used the rest of me holiday so I have ZERO left to book off.

Would like to go back to Barcelona but can't unless I pull a sickie and take a long weekend and I would probably get caught and sacked :rolleyes:
We got back from Ibiza on a Sunday & bf went to Barcelona on the Thursday for a stag trip, he's just got back & had a fab time. He managed to see layo & bushwacka for Bugged Out as some fab club there. Barcelona is another must on my list.
We went for a Hen trip in May and although the weather wasn't up to much we had an excellent time!

We went La Paloma on a Thursday night and the local guys do a breakdancing set for about an hour before the DJ's come on - it was really fab coz I've never seen anything like that close up before!

We found it hard to find any decent bars though - it's an 'eat late and drink in the restaurant' type of place but maybe we didn't explore enough as we were only there for a couple of days.

What did you get up to in Ibiza then - make me sick/jealous/cry!
Ibiza was great, we went to space 1st night, that took me 2 days to recover. The Tuesday we went to el divino's, not much going on there that night so we got free tickets. Thursday we went to pin up opening party. Also did a day trip to formentera, which is a must! And explored around the north of the island - very chilled, not too many people.

Went out for drinks & meals in Ibiza town.
Thought for the day by Rob Calcutt (Oh dear, deep and meaningful alert)

Nah, when you do something about that frustrated feeling rather than let it drift you'll find it was really positive.
I know people that have changed their career paths drastically due to post Ibiza syndrome...!
...and I'm giving up everything to travel the world indefinately, a hooooge break from my normal routine and something I probably wouldn't be doing without my disillusionment of coming home from Eivissa!!!
Act upon that feeling and the world can be your oyster.
great idea! Would love to travel, but any ideas on how I could do it? Got no savings, already inquired with work about taking a sabatical year off & it was a big no no :cry:
Well I got back last night after what was my best trip to Ibiza yet and I am totally down in the dumps :cry:

It's even worse coz all my mates go out next week.

Need to start planning next years visit now, that'll keep me going :)
It hits you when you go back to work & get back to your routine. When you 1st come back, you're still on that buzz, you got a tan, you tell your mates about your adventures, you get your pics developed etc. But after a few days it becomes a memory :cry: But a very good memory!
When I get back to work all I do all day is look at Ibiza websites .. oh shit, that’s what I do now – no change there then. It’s an all year round bug for me. :rolleyes: