Guru from Gangstarr in a coma

so many classic tunes.
one thing was always consistant

"We have certain formulas, but we update 'em (oh, right)
With the times and everything, you know
So you know the rhyme style is elevated
The style of beats is elevated, but it's still Guru and Premier."
Sorry to hear this, Guru is a brilliant artist, love gangstarr and the jazzmatazz albums.

All the collaborations he did with the likes of Chaka Khan, N'Dea Davenport, Erykah Badu, even DC Lee, etc were first class.
Premier has done a Gangstarr megamix of sorts.
Controversial first tune for sure

edit: this is actually old but its clear that they didnt end on good terms but still much respect being shown

edit 2! jeeesus theres some big stuff here. mc solarr getting slyly slated
" i knew this chump see , he tried to play me"
did it need to be spun back that many times???????

hadnt realised premier was a radio dj now but still good to hear some good tunes from the back catalogue put together. was hoping for a propper old mixtape style!
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R.I.P. MC Guru, I must be getting old when people who made the music I listened to as a youth are having a non-violent death? great MC another voice of Hip-Hop gone. It is a shame that he and DJ Premier could not patch things up before his death. They made great music together.