gun cops guard hol hotspots in balearics

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hi peeps did anyone read the sunday people yesturday about armed guardia civil protroling the beaches in ibiza . they said an armada of high speed patrol boats as well as bomb disposal experts will help in the biggest ever security clampdown in the balearics. but they would not say whether it was the basque etremists or al-qaida. they said it is easy to plant a bomb on the beach so every one must b aware. they would not say whether they had intelligence reports .... just what i need that..... also they said police are warning thrill-seeking british teenagers they intend to crack down on drugs offenders could face jail if cought any one been there yet any insight into this, although im not a drug taker so that bit dont bother me its the other bit that does .....
They are watching you, but no worse than over here.
I have heard some horror stories about the West End, TearGas being thrown in and the police hitting first then asking questions later, but hey if you venture to the West End then you takes what comes!!

Horrid Place, you've gotta look at the floor otherwise somebody will offer you out for a fight!
hi went to san ann 2 years ago did not think much of the place think it was over rated but thats just me i saw ibiza uncoverd on the telly so we went there could not believe that was all the west end offerd going to playa den bossa this year so i hope its better and going with gf this year
Yeah, but all the people in the West End just go to get mullered anyway. Ibiza is really about the clubbing scene!!

where on earth did you 'hear' about tear gas being used in the west end,
and paul, for your information, all the police and guardia are armed here, even in the NIE section of the police station.

i think there's a bit of sensationalism afoot here!
hi to the youngsters yes i guess im 34 i loved ibiza when i was there ibiza offers more than just clubbing it is a lovely island so much to see and do just did not like the vibe in san ann always looking over your shoulder i no its like it every where now adays im hoping pdb is better
stephen dont no i just wrote what i read in the paper i just thought i would put it on here to see if any one else had read it
i'm sorry but this whole topic is stupid.

first of all the 'armed' police, are police on the beaches that have a pistol, and handcuffs.

and second of all you actually believed what the sunday people wrote. :eek:
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