Anyone knoiw how to blag your way onto guest lists without paying a mint? any tips or tricks people know? if u dont wanna let everyone know pm me ty :D
as long as they are female ill do my very best...u must know being and ibiza guru
lol big up the moderator...ill have to find the right begging emails help?
Getting on guest lists is much easier when your a girl, just chatting to the right people usually works, although ive had a problem with my boobs on holiday they certainly helped with free tickets and guest lists.
I'm not sure how for a boy, I suppose you have just got to get on well with a promotor.
would this work: you find someone who is on the guestlist... and then goto the club and say there name. is this a good idea or doesnt it work like that?
as lomg as you get there before the the other person.
also the other person might know the promoter personally...
When you are in the guest list what are the advantages?
-You dont pay to get in?
-Can you put your friends in there with you?
- Do you avoid the lods of people at the door?


foookin impossible! (for blokes anyway)

most people on lists arent half as much into clubs as the people who q and pay! Is a shame
Just flirt and be totaly into the promotor an laugh at what he says an keep licking ur lips suggestively ;) even if he is boring u to death

It works a treat ;)

tried - tested - an passed :D
ohhh an a good eye lash flutter helps

brushing ur hair back

applying lip gloss

an a bit of touching always helps to get u in the VIP lounge an on the guest list !
Best way I found was chatting the DJs at bars etc which have connection with clubs, show an interest, blag a bit but don't be over friendly and you should come up trumps, I only paid for 1 party when I was out there and I'm a bloke!!!!
I'm on the guestlists this season but that's because my boyfriend's uncle works for MOS.