guest lists...

Sure .
I dont have any contact close to pacha,a few ones working for french club the keys Paris but it will be ackward to ask as not best friends..
PR Invited me for Nu and other djs to apologize for the "No go" last year but i decline,i wrote them last friday but no answer so i did it the ☠? way
So who is the coolest bloke? ?☠
I forgot now that i could have some pacha free guestlist ,thanks to a dj met that know common dj mixin in pacha,himself havinf some sessions there ,i will never dare to ask but thanks to the chat we had ,i may ask for ibz 20
Try to be on vip list with 2 bottle(1 hierbas 1 vodka) and ill considèr u as the coolest bloke ?
Ps:not sure u will last more than 5 hours upon ur writings ?
Midnight ,1 the 1 camomille et Dodo ?
Apprend à décompresser, c est juste du délire pour titiller les vieux schnock de ton genre ? qui ont perdus leur jeunesse et blablate toute la semaine sur spotlight
Teasing some old chap to see how they react..
The calm way?No the anger way ..
Keep calm its only words/jokes on internet..
U need not to judge people b4 knowing them,Did i insult/judge you? I just use the word old chap ..
Do u know the world Respect ..if u dont learn this at ur age,it means u may had bad éducation from ur parents??
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in most places here I can simply walk in, I definitely don‘t think this makes me any cooler though
U work in the industry, u are not concerned, same as Steve Massa u may know, working for ibiza by night, free dj booth to many ibz events.

but Dare to ask a free gueslist on a page of a dj u are not a close contact/friend and you ll see how he will react ?

That shot on Erick Morillo IG was ace ? , don't know if i ll dare to do on Sven page and he will give me one? maybe as he stare at me with funny rolling eys at Benimussa park ?, but even free i'm not really in by cocoon amnesia followin the 3 i did at pacha/amnesia..& for cocoon benimussa i know one worker, because a friend of french workers & didnt knew she worked there now.Very nice girl (one time i had to pay for zoo & at last moment she gave me the free card without asking ?& enter for Free ), ill bring her casera hierbas and fancy perfume next year

Free to benimussa for ibz 20 ? it was free previous years but one dj was no more on lineup other on my contacts but not really bounded but bounding will be done as met one Dj ,friend of this dj that tell me that he may put me on glist (i didnt ask along the chat) for some pacha parties as mixin in funky room ...
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Lol bribing djs to get on guestlists :lol:

Although in fairness, i think one of my friends did exactly the same with a bottle of hierbas at convenanza!
not that long ago kerri chandler played an allnight set at club zukunft in my hometown, i was one of the first to arrive while kerri was measuring the loudness of the soundsystem with his iphone, i went to speak with him and had a long chat, later while he was playing he told me i could order as many drinks as i wanted on him, which of course i did......