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mrs. d.

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I've read through posts on here trying to sort out what getting on a guest list means... But I'm still unclear. :eek:
Does anyone have any definitive understanding of how the guest lists work for Eden, Space, and Privilege?

We're on but not as workers or promoters.

I don't know if we're actually better off just getting cheaper advance-purchase tix from a bar or if the guest list procedure is worth it...

Any idea of how we should ask our contacts without seeming uncool or unappreciative?
How are you on the guest-lists?

The reason I ask is because I bended my contacts ears about it last summer (I used to work in a club) and to no avail, even though I never pay for clubs over here.
when i went a few years ago i got some guest list places from someone who worked for Pacha.

at Privilege (Manumission) i got a wristband to get entry.

at Space i just joined the free-for-all that is the guest list gate. eventually the man with the computer got me to write down the names of our party and the person/club whose guest list we were on. after that we were waived thru to the entrance.
I'm always on g/list for Ministry, as long as your contacts are reliable, then no problem, just go in guestlist queue and tell them your name.
mrs. d. said:
Does it mean reduced entry or free? Any ideas? Free would be handy.

Free, unless you're on paying guestlist which just means you skip the normal paying queue and get on g/list queue but you still pay.
well.....since im always with all the dj´s from Denmark we have no problems getting in either "just" to the club or to the VIP section....sometimes they have a limited guestlist, meaning you have to be there between certain hours to get free entrance - but we arrange it from home - then we go up to the Q present ourselves and usually it´s no problem.