Greatest week of my life



ok before I go any further this'll be my first post here so I should introduce myself my name is dan and im from Croydon, South London, Ive wanted to go to Ibiza since I was 14 - im now 21 so it was bloody well about time, I DJ an awful lot and have played in a couple of places in London I love pretty much any kind of music but mainly funk orientated these days but I grew up listening to Trance so still have a soft spot for that too..

I've literally just landed back in Gatwick from Ibiza this morning and I can only describe the experience as the best in my life and the reputation that you hear through the press and particular dance based mags of Ibiza number 1 being passed it and number 2 nothing more than another Shagaluf or something along those lines is just plain daft.

I flew out with Twentys holidays I chose em because it was literally the cheapest at the time it got me in the center of the action and a roof over my head which is all that mattered to me.

Ok here goes im not entirely sure of exactly what I did on what days - it just hasnt sunk in yet but I'll give it my best shot.

Thursday 26th June - First Impressions
Arrived at around 2am at the central park apartments in san antonio all me mates went to bed bar one so we went for a walkabout to see what we could find and do some early research im not sure what time we left the apartments but the westend was being cleaned up after a night of messy partying in the wonderful narrow maze of streets that make up the westend we walked this way and we walked that way but somehow we stumbled upon first of all Cafe Mambo and then not believing our eyes the Legendary Cafe Del Mar at first thinking nah it cant be del mar as it was being spelt Cafe del Moar daft really at the time but it was just all mad what was I doing in the party capital of the world with all the Legendary bars/clubs just a walk/drive away we got back to the apartments at about 7am and crashed out.
Was woken at 10am by our local rep and was offered the packages and what not I was against this as I prefer to make my holiday as opposed to someone making it for me but after an enormous amount of peer pressure from my mates I gave in and parted company on day one with 220 euros.
That afternoon as part of the package we went down to the impressive looking Es Paradis for a water party, there were a few fun and games first the music started and everyone seemed up for a good laugh then the water started all kinds of madness and they had to drop my tune of the moment sam la more - takin hold from that point there was no going back for me after the pool/dance floor had cleared there was just me and my mate russell left in the pool where in full WWF - WWE style whatever you want to call it he was quickly body slammed by myself into the water much to the delight of the crowd, one other notable thing was seeing my tour rep dressed in a cow jumpsuit, from there moved onto Sgt Peppers in the westend for a bit of a session with our new found friends from the apartment.

Friday 27th June - Boat trip to Formentera
This was twentys way of allowing everyone to chill out and have a day of rest but taking everyone out for a beer session the night before the boat ride was a horrible one for many of the people on board me not included :lol: as id behaved at Peppers and not gotten silly finally got to formentera im not really someone who can sit on a beach and fry for 5 hours id rather be mixing tunes or in a studio somewhere so my only choice was to swim and thats pretty much what I did I did go to a restaurant on the island and if you like seafood id recommend trying Grilled Angler fish as that is some damn tasty fish.
Back on the boat where I stayed at the back with my mates and a group of girls singind and dancing whilst everyone else was nursing either sunstroke or sea sickness or both ha ha poor lot dived in for a quick swim and was then stung by a jelly fish funny how everyone offered to pee on me to stop it stinging but I soldiered on and had a meal of fried squid later on as revenge.
watched the Ibizan sunset from the boat which was stunning but aload of cloud got in the way as it crashed into the sea so was slightly ruined then back to the apartment.
The night wasnt finished there, me old mate Dave was dj'ing for Euphoria @ Eden so I felt obliged to go down there got there pretty early the place was empty Eden is nothing special from inside but if Euphoria / Trance floats your boat (it does mine) then you will love it in there I certainly did the place did fill up big time and was soon packed.
I left the dancefloor once for a pee and was there til the end what an absolute fantastic night and apparantly channel 4 were recording in there too so you might see me on the telly soon fingers crossed.

Saturday 28th June
Went out and about in the westend with the reps free drinks here and free drinks there was pretty shocking cant remember much about it all though although when under the influence of alcohol its never a good idea to jump a cactus plant I failed miserably and looked like something out of the movie hellraiser removed the thorns that had impaled me went back to the apartments then (and this is why I dont like to get drunk) went back out into the town I dont remember a thing just went on a mission and didnt get back to my apartment until 9am apparantly everyone had been looking for me. :cry:

Sunday 29th June
Pretty much trying to recover from the night just gone so was a little annoyed with myself at wasting a day but I did get to hear all the stories of what I got upto went to the rooftop pool and just chilled.

Monday 30th June - Priviledge
By this stage we'd had made some great friends and our group of 5 lads had been joined by 5 lovely ladies.
We set off for a place called paradise Island its an old zoo that has been converted into an open air nightclub this place was absolutely stunning and I was very reluctant to leave friendly people great funky house definitely something as a dj id aim at doing for years to come is to play out somewhere like that.
reluctantly our group went off to Manumission there is only one way to describe this place WOW!! I had to sit down for 20 minutes and take it all in before I get up and dance away til 6 in the morning or whatever crazy hour it was the plan was to move onto space and freak out to the sounds of the one and only Carl Cox I was making plans for a super session of going from space to Bora Bora and then from Bora Bora to DC10 to welcome a plane load of nutters to the island but sadly not Id had already been abandoned by my mates a couple of hours earlier and just didnt fancy doing it all on me own something I kinda regret now.

Tuesday 1st July - Mardi Gras
Like in another post it was off to the Mardi Gras very cheesy but I had a group of 18 year olds sitting next to me on the table constantly flashing there thongs and kissing me for hours so I had a great time :lol: actually the Mardi Gras was a laugh even though we finished second.
The Plan was to go Pacha for a 6 deck 3 mixer mixathon but the only other person who was interested in going was having girlfriend trouble and decided he didnt fancy it at the last minute.
So went to Bar M and bumped into Fergie before he got on the decks there had a little chat top bloke actually partied for a bit then went to bed.

Wednesday 2nd July - Last day full day
Didnt do much to start off with but seeing as this was my last real day on the island I was gonna say good bye to Ibiza in style the evening came along and it was down to cafe del mar for the sunset like before the sun dissapeared behind some cloud but reappeared just in time for one beautiful sight everyone went mad and cheered on the rocks stayed there for a while feeling emotionally moved by it all and then moved onto a restaurant which Id found on day one (see field work makes all the difference) the restaurant being Villa Mercedes along the harbor id got the manager to reserve a table with the best view in the house our female friends arrived and were all amazed by this place the view of the harbor and the lights is definitely something else.
From here we moved onto Cafe Mambo for a few drinks before moving back to the apartments to pick up our luggage.
there was one more surprise in store for us everyone we had made friends with whilst being on the island were waiting for us, Girls were crying there was laughing all kinds of crazy stuff and a few more drinks were downed waiting for this coach to pick us up at 3 in the morning as the coach pulled up a few more hugs and kisses and then something we didnt expect our five girly friends were waiting by the side of the coach as we pulled away they all got there boobs out which was met by a chorus of cheers from us lot on the coach it was one hell of a send off.

Its hard for me to explain how you can love an island ive done party resorts all over the world and this was my first time in ibiza, There is a charm on the island which at first you dont see but it creeps up on you and the next minute like myself your crying your eyes out because your gonna leave it all behind in a couple of hours im still a baby when it comes to Ibiza id say ive not even done 5% of the island but im desperate to get back there I may even go for the weekend later this month its like a magnet to me now and has made a lasting impression that I will never forget.
People that say Ibiza is awful and all that are just people that dont know how to tap into the fantastic vibe that buzzes around every road port and beach on the island and as long as people go there for the love of the music the respect and friendship of each other then Ibiza will never die, the clubs were packed the westend from what ive seen is very well behaved and the island is just beautiful.
Get out there asap I know I will be.
amazing review! sounds like u had a un-explainable time. u hav got be all excited, im going in august, i just my hope time is going to be as amazing as yours.
I absolutely LOVED your review and it sounds as though, for your first time out there, you had the greatest fun!

Really please you had a good time!
quality shite mate pity u did'nt make space or pacha they are the 2 finest clubs on the island
x-amount said:
Beats the Blue Orchid and Tiger Tiger don't it!

ha ha I tell ya what I havent stepped foot in the The Blue Orchid since I was 16 although to be honest Croydon of an evening is alot rougher than the westend maybe they should do a Croydon Uncovered it would be shocking if you ask me :p