Grace Jones - Space

It was great - we felt like we first went to We Love and then to Grace Jones concert LOL! I loved her wacky laser-discoball-head (my camera died before I could get pics so if anyone got them, would appreciate them very much thanks!)

We were very near the stage and just before GJ started it got so busy it was ridiculous and almost left but after using a bit of elbow-tactics (I'm only little!:oops:) it got more bearable.

She was hola-hooping all way through Slave to the rythm 8).

IMO - Simply the most awful thing ive ever seen in space.

Im interested to find people who enjoyed the show? Even the delays inbetween songs! if id wanted to see fairy lights id have gone to Blackpool

Otherwise an excellent night!

Im off to catch the plane home
i'll do a full review soon, but i thought it was fcukin brilliant actually.

fantastic performance with star quality....
I think seeing Grace Jones in the middle of a space session would probably finish me off...Ace review and pics mate 8):D

class review!

interesting reading how bad Lottie was. I went to her misdemeanours night at turnmills about 5 years ago, and it was pretty boring "tuff tribal house" pretty much all the way. Yet the following year I saw her at bestival (looking very beautiful it must be said) and she played a blinder, presumably classics for the festie crowd eg andronicus 'make you whole' (my face melted, it brought back a lot of memories). Seems weird putting her on before Grace Jones, when ultimately you should really have someone playing a bit of nu-disco, aeroplane that kinda vibe which would feed in nicely.

Stupid thing is, aeroplane played after grace when it is getting quieter. Would have been ideal to have swooped them and lottie.

I actually liked lottie in her space terrace house and tribal days, this electro **** is toilet.