Goths in hot weather

Jam Man

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After the success of Puppylovers "Embarrasing family photos" site....



ha ha ha ha - excellent - just brought back funny memories of our shiiiiiitest holiday ever, in Jamaica on Spring Break of all times!! :spank:

One american family complete with goth daughter who moaned constantly (like Kevin - "its sooooo unfair!!" Kevin and Perry) and sat under an umbrella for a week in full goth clothing - including those massive boots with the platforms that they all wear - she just looked like a massively overweight Marilyn Manson..... :lol::lol: go for tea and cakes all refined like, then you come back to this.


in answer to your question

  1. Yes - wasnt I pretty as a picture :lol:
  2. f*ck off ;)
  3. ewwwww - never thought of that - it was stuck to another photo and I had to peel them apart for scanning.... :eek:
(runs off to wash hands a zillion times !!)