Got an iPhone or iPod Touch?.... Get this!


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Hey guys,

Anyone out there got an iPhone or iPod Touch? if you have, then go to te app store and download 'Worldview'.

The app allows you to view city webcam views from around the world, there are literally thousands in many locations.

Once downloaded, search for 'Ibiza', and lo.... webcams from our favourite holiday destination.

When viewing a webcam, press the + button to add the feed to your favourites. Theres a view showing artists square/fountain in San An looking over the bay, and one looking over the top of Mambo/Del Mar and the sunset strip.

The feeds are updated around every half hour or so.

The app is free, or if you'd like the possibility of constantly updated images, then download 'Worldview Live', which is £1.79, and gives a feed that is updated about every 2 minutes. (sadly the ibiza feeds aren't live so don't update any more often)

Great for a bad day at work when you need a little slice of sunshine, and why bother looking at weather reports when you can see it for yourself!!


cheers for that, i have the webcams currently set up on my igoogle homepage on my pc at work so it would be great to do the same on my Iphone:)