Gordan Ramsey

****!!Im sure it was him fits the bill and looks perfectly - he said the club owners has 14 of these clubs (NY Miami all over etc) and he was a guest on his yatch (adjacent) so he didnt car too much about the drinks prices. Not a character you would mess with just by appearances alone -- no doubt very handy to have a a friend though. My wife thought he was charming and got on to ponies, as she does, he looked confused for a while, then said he generally liked horses, his acquaintances did seem very respectful towards him.
"I dont think for a minute his Mrs is docile. He does the alpha male thing and if you get one of those or go for them , they shag about, its in nature and has been for about 40m years. its nothing new.

My view - 'who cares' itsd none of my business - its his thing and if he's getting he butt whipped and using amyl etc brilliant, as well as saving his mrs the effort and - if its not her thiog well once that little seed is planted he'll go and get it somewhere.


thats all very fine & well...... but as a chicks perspective.... why would you/does the wifey hang around if she knows that he's up to that ****>>??he's made enough money now so the wifey should just clear out..... once a cheat.... always a cheat! just take the family house & half of everythin else......easy! ;)

but i dont think she will.... she will stand by her rootrat husband because he's GR.....
& without him, she would be NON MRS GR..... uuugggghhhh :rolleyes:

ID STILL DO HIM..... :lol:
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I've heard a rumour twice over the last few months, which was suggesting that this is all a smokescreen, he's actually having an affair with 1 of his chef's, a male 1, and he's actually a fag!!
For some strange reason, it didn't suprise me!
Anyone seen the new Jamie Oliver adverts on Channel 4 where he is every character of the Village People?

Really dont find it funny :?:lol:
I've gone and got myself hooked on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares :lol:

Downloaded episode 8 of the 3rd season last week just for giggles (I'd seen it a couple of times when I was in the States for the holidays) and just got through watching ep. 9.

Strangely compelling television... these restaurants he helps out are serious disasters!