Good Ibicenco locals "old-man" pub.



Can anyone recommend a good one in or around Ibiza town?

I'm looking for a place that's in no way trendy. Dark, cozy, and charming in a very Spanish way is what I'm looking for. Tiene que tener ambiente, basicamente!

Any suggestions...?
This probably won't help much, but look around in the area of the bus station. There was a really charming local pub, where we had a drink while waiting on the bus. The place was packed with older locals, discussing football, etc.
spanish bars tend to draw different crowds - just like, i suppose, their european/american counterparts. so there are old guy bars - all dominoes and tobacco, girls bars - full of gabbing women and coffee. etc etc

to find them just go walkabout and look inside. the vast majority are to the north and west of the vara de rey.
Definitely the old guy bars I'm looking for. I'll have a look around vara de rey and see what I find.


vara de rey no - the area to the north (going back out of town towards san an) and the area to the west going out towards pdb.

my favourite is the milan on the via punica! it's soooooooooooo smokey!