Going tonight, on my own, flight only - any rooms/beds?



Only 7 hours till I leave!

Hope there's some hostels in San Antonio with beds or it's the beach for me!

I'm 31 from Essex(!) and looking forward to dancing all week - tight budget but only planning on one big club night, prefer the cheaper & daytime dancing!

Into techno, trance, and hands in the air stuff!

Anyone around for the next week? (silly question;) Spare bed would be better for share of costs!


Well, thanks for all the replies - it was really good to meet you all out there! ;)

In case you're wondering, I had a great time. IMO, the clubs are overpriced, overfull, and nowhere near as good as the clubs we have here in the UK (having been to the real Cream when it was alive, the Cross, the Orbit, etc. etc.). Bora Bora is about the only place worth going.

And the Spanish? Don't get me started on them...