Going to san antonio bay with a four year old


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Any ideas of things to do with a four year old child?

Are there any bars etc, that have evening entertainment for children or playgrounds, rides etc??
there are quite a few bars that have mini karts, trampolines, games and stuff going on for kids as long as you're there from april to october. it's the main resort for families so you'll find lots to do.
am going on the 25th october and staying at la sirena club hotel, san antonio bay very close to es puet beach.
well by the looks of some resorts you will find it hard to get anywhere open.ok bars ect will be open still.but play areas not sure.its a very quite time to go lastweek of season.not like it used to be years ago.when it was still packed up till lastday.
you will be better off nipping in another hotel at night say for someting to do.ie fiesta hotels.just a small walk away.

i didn't think you were allowed in other hotels unless you have paid to stay there?

wouldn't they get funny about it?
no so long as you buy a drink if staying there most of the night.how you you think i know so much about playa den bossa hotels.i even know most of the staff now by names.i nip in to have a look at any refits or upgrades.its a good way of informing people what they are like.plus they get this info out free.
i do get the odd coffee or small beer free now and then.thats cause i know the bar staff from other hotels i have stayed in over the years.see its nice to make friends when your there.you never know what you can get.i even get free lifts to san an.from a x member of staff i know.no charge either.he is going home anyway.
so long as your not taking part in games or playing bingo your fine to stroll in any hotel to have a look and buy a drink.its a good way of finding out how that hotel works.may be for another time you fancy going to ibiza.infact i do it everywhere i go.start off with toilet then take a walk round pool/bar ect.even looking at a room if i can (asking desk staff first for veiwing).
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no problem wish i was going with you.i went a bit early this time.sept late into early oct.i normanly go around 7th oct for as many days as i can.18 last year.
We have just come back from a weeks holiday in San Antonio Bay. Weather was fantastic for 6 out of the 7 days. Very quiet this year in the bay. There are a couple of places still open to keep a 4 year old happy. Firstly there is the trampalene and minigolf place (next to the Rodeo bar) facing the Bergantin Hotel. Free trampalene for the children and reasonable priced drinks for the adults. Trevors free minigolf is open in the afternoon vitually facing the Hawaii Hotel.. again cheap drinks for the adults. Turn right after the Egg in San An and there is another small amusement park for children with a few small rides. Most of the West End was quiet.. we went out for a drink on Friday night and there were only a handful of bars open. We have taken our children to San An from an early age.. one is 13 now whilst the other is 18. You can sit outside the Pink Panther and have a drink as well as Donnegans and Bucaneeros. Hope you have a great holiday.. i wish i was still there.
Thank you so much for the info, very kind!

Did you notice at all while you was there if a bar called Moby Dicks was still open?
Also were there many restaurants open?
I can't wait to go, just hope we get good weather too!!
By the way, did you change your money up before you went, or did you change any while you were there? I was just wondering if the exchange rate was better than the UK?

Many thanks.
We used a card called Fairfx and loaded the card up with money before we went.. this gives one of the best exchange rates. We did change some cash on the last day and got E1.04 to the pound (at the airport going it was E0.97 to the pound!!). Moby dicks was partially open but this was thequietest parts of the bay. The bowling was open on the first day we arrived but seemed to be closed by our last day. Plenty of restaraunts in San An still open. Hopefully the weather will be good for you. Check this page out for a 10 day forecast http://www.weather.com/weather/print/SPXX0044 this was fairly accurate for us. Have a great holiday.. let us know how things went for you.
san antonio bay

hello there I run the pink panther, and i can confirm that we are open until 3oth october, so is bucaneero, both bars welcome families.. also there is a nice childrens park near the hawai hotel on the promenade, hopefully the mini golf with the trampolines by the bucaneero will still be open, and trevs mini golf should be open until 31st..can grau restaurant is open until 1st november as is the amsterdam complex, casita and libertys restaurant is open at the moment but they are not sure until when..it is quiet, but quite a few families have arrived in the last few days, so dont worry you will have a good time xx there is a shop called silga on the strip near es puet beach , today the exchange rate was 105 to the pound
Thank you so much for all your info-very helpful indeed!!

I will come into the pink panther, cannot wait to get to ibiza now, am very excited and so is my little girl. x

look forward to meeting you and your little girl, and i just checked your hotel is open xx also my grandson is here next week he is 7, so your daughter will have somone to play with xx