Going to Ibiza on your own



Anyone out there been to Ibiza on thier own?

I love the music and clubing and went to quite a few venues in the UK last year, Gatecrasher, Southport weekender etc. So I've decided it's Ibiza this year. :D

I've not been before and none of my mates will go. (Girlfriend, wives, kids etc.). :evil:

So far it's seems I'm going to have to pay a small fortune for a single room. :(

Anyone know of a cheaper alternate, travel clubs etc. (p.s. 18-30 isn't an option, wrong age group ;) ).
Hostels are a lot cheaper if your into that. This summers my first time so yeah i paid a small fortune but thanks to this board, i made a good friend whose into sharing my room & the cost! 8) Didnt expect it obviously but anything can happen... ;)
HOSTELS ARE WAY CHEAPER! And not that bad at all, I stayed in both Hostal Norte and Marina, but Marina was far better, Norte was a terrible place actually....the beds werent beds anymore LOL*