Going to ibiza for a Month


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Hi all me and the girlfriend are going to ibiza for a month in september

We have been before on holiday but decided to take a longer break this time i will do a bit of work on my laptop each day to keep me ticking over lol

What im after is some ideas of what to see and do

We have only ever stayed in san antionio so i want to check out ibiza town and PDB

Anyone have any ideas of what other things to check out like beaches etc

your best bet is just see how you feel when you get up.and get a map of ibiza.make your way to bus station in san an.get on a bus to ibizatown.from there you can go anywhere you fancy.tip you might be better off getting a card with credits on them.like a bus pass.

the station in ibiza is just astreet really.with bus stops signed to say where they are going.most you must get a ticket from the desk before you get on.

example bus 3 from san an to ibiza then bus 15 to cala longa..3 to ibiza then 14 to playa den bossa. 3 then 13 to santa ealaria.from there 18 to es cana.


to get to most good beaches you really need a car.

are you staying in san an this time?>

i am working my way up to a month soon.got as far as 18 days.
I'd recommend renting a car for sure. Cala Vadella was great last September as it was so so quiet and we were one of 5 people on this beach...http://www.ibizaholidays.com/beaches/Cala_den_serra.asp i didnt know places that secluded, empty and beautiful existed on tourist islanbds in Europe. We are going to Formentera this year for a few days as well to explore/chill out.

Ibiza Town is great...I love. really nice place to wander around, people watch, chill out etc though i personally think PDB is a bit of a dump. It's a typical, brash, English abroad tourist toewn (with some very cool bars in it though...it is ibiza after all).
Thanks for all the tips

only problem is i dont drive so only have a learner license i knew i would regret not learning sooner one day lol
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even a moped would get you to most spots and i dont think you need a full license for one. without seeing the secluded places last year, i wouldn't have understood what the fuss was about really. to me, the mix of amazing clubs, different people and incredibly beautiful spots round the island is what made it.
Get a moped then you can use a provisional I dint have one. I only really scuffed the top of Ibiza this year and can not wait to go back when I drive I visited Ibiza Town (Dalt villa is worth the visit) but that was about it I really wanted to get to Pirate Tower and Sol Den Serra (sp?) but did not have a chance without a car especially with rough heads.
Thanks all for the reply's

Im staying in San An town again

I have seen most the spots around there from previous visits

So wanna check out the bay and also ibiza town and PDB.

Also going to do space and Pacha this time