Going out to work May 30th HELP ! :P


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hi im heading out may 30th, to find work and hopefuly stay for the summer basically id like as much information as possible, i've done alot of research my self but dont think were quite there yet any help is greatlyyy apreciated.

Thanks Reece
Leave a safe cash reserve in your bank, never run out of cash in Ibiza, leave before its all gone.

Its not cheap for a novice to live without a job that pays more than €20 a day.

Your expenses will cost you on average 150 a week.

Expect to be working 7 days.
ok. i only have 200 to go out with and was hoping to find a job staright away, and what are the shifts like do you realy work every day ?
from the years i have been going .yes 7 days /most are night jobs as well.lucky if you can get a day job.but some are all day .with a small break and back on at night.some do give you time off.but not much.you have to work hard in ibiza.they only have 6months to make there money.best of luck.but you need more to cover yourself.you should of really booked a holiday for two weeks.then looked in that time.at least you would of had somewhere to sleep and rest up.
ok so it is as hard as ive been told, are the jobs available all PR work and is it hard to get bar work. and would you say it is a bad ideat to go out with what ive got or could i make it ?
As wood says its hard work 7 days a week and his advise about going on a 2 week package holiday with a return flight is probally your best bet.

Otherwise leave it, as 200 is way too small an amount to get by on. Pr's get paid mostly on commission so if you cant pull the punters you dont get paid.

Dont let your first experience of Ibiza be a bad one. Save up a little more for next year and get there early May for the Job expo's.

Sorry to be the bearer of unwelcome news.

You just dont want to be wandering around Ibiza without a place to stay or without cash in your pocket. Too many cults knocking around to take advantage.
well thats rained on my parade lol, what if i go with a return flight and a hotel booked from the 30th of may to the 3rd of june ?
Hi there, i worked out in ibiza in 2007, me and a friend saved a grand each and also booked a 2 week stay in club paraiso (now ibiza rocks hotel) so we made sure we had accomodation whilst searching for work.

you will need at least a months deposit to get a room in an apartment and then it will prob take u at least 2 weeks to gain a job coz u have to continually prove your worth as a first yearer!!

You will need more than £200, coz u will need a deposit, food, spending money etc etc. do still go but try and take more money otherwise you will be on the next flight home!! Everyone works 7 nights a week aswell.

Hope this helps. oh and bar jobs usually go to 2nd year plus people, you will more than likely get PR work etc. if u have personality and tenacity you will get by and have the best summer ever!!

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and people told me accomadation was paid by employers in most cases. and would you normaly stay in a hotel as there are hotels for around 15 a night.
and people told me accomadation was paid by employers in most cases. and would you normaly stay in a hotel as there are hotels for around 15 a night.

God that would be paradise if they pay you the rent! i wish i lied to the airport and said: "I rent a flat in Ibiza town and it is 300 euros a month. You pay it? great!" then i just spend the money on anything coz i still live with my parents (only when I'm on the island).

Honestly...i dont think they would pay the rent...but ask the experts!
It depends where you want to work, I know a few places in PDB that provide accomodation with the job or will help you find somewhere cheap, well they did when I worked there in 2004. Still I booked a week's holiday and took about £800 with me to be sure. I went the last week of May and found a job after about 5/6 days. Good luck!
hi i have now booked a weeks holiday for the 6th june and and have around 300 to keep me going while there does any one think i have a chance at getting a job this late and will it realy take 5/6 days if i do ?