Going mad?

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I had a weird recollection today whilst in a boring meeting.

Does anyone remember a UK tv show about Ibiza which was presented by a guy and a dark haired girl and wasn't your typical shock horror p1ssed up Brits documentary, more a magazine style show focused on the music, DJ's and party scene?

Now my recollection invoilves a comedy interviewer from the show who played a mock Swedish guy called "Sven Buttocks" (pronounced "Bootocks"). His specialty was to interview spannered people and he would always start his little segment with the line...

"Hey hey, hemschmurger hey!!!"

Fake blonde wig, sunglasses, cheesy grin...

....as said, I could be going mad :lol:
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There are a couple of episodes of it on YouTube, when they were in Ibiza in 98/99. If it's the same thing you're thinking about, it's hilArious to watch, the guy interviewing is munted. All the content is fairly lowest common denominator stuff too...........can't remember what it's called.
Hmmmm... we're getting close here but I need to find the man himself: "Sven Buttocks"

Watched all those clips and I think the show I watched had different presenters....