going it alone


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coming to ibiza in a few weeks will be my 5th time but this time i am going on my own any advice or tips no the island well but didn't no if any one had any advice
What kind of advice are you looking for? I've gone on my own and will be on my own this year. You can always meet people, I always do and will have justas an amazing time as you've always had! 8)
If it's your 5th time so you should already know your Do's and Dont's on the island.

From my vast experience (11 times), going solo is the best! (as long as u can afford it)
I've gone alone quite a few times and will do again next week for a few days. When you go somewhere like Sa Trinxa there are usually plenty folk sitting about there on their own.
I've never been to ibiza on my own but have been to clubs on my own when i've been out there! It's great fun going to a club, and not having to worry bout losing your friends, buying rounds of drinks, your friends want to see x in the terrace but ur happy in the main room situation etc etc..
Your have a great time!!!
Just hang about the pool and beach by day, talk to people- you'll soon make new friends.

Now you don't need to worry about going to a night your not really into just to keep a friend happy!