Going Ibiza on my own to meet my mates-need advice



Unable to resist the temptation anymore, so booked a flight to ibiza next week, got a couple of Q's.

How much should it be for a taxi from airport to San Antonio?

I will be sleeping in my mates spare bed in Parsio, but how can i sneak in without being thrown out and land on my ass?? read a post on here about it is alright to walk in as long as someone sign you in??
taxi should be 20-25 euros max mate.

As for the paraiso, never stayed there myself, but sure Ive heard security is pretty tight! Do a search through the forum just to double check ;)
Start getting rather worried now, I read the dauntest thing about they having security at the gates!!!
ye i didnt wanna worry u but looks likes it true. It might not be that bad now peak seasons gone. still sounds a bit risky to me tho m8
Seen this post about Paraiso - Sorry didn't know how to link to it so I just copied and pasted:

One of the largest Club 18-Freestyle-Young things hotels on the island...

Last year introduced security cards which you couldn't get into the hotel without... It stopped all the "ahem" deliveries taking place....
from what i've gather they need you to produce a card to open gate etc, and you are allow to bring poeple in as long as they sign you in, so what i'm thinking is when i get there, i'll ring my mates to come to meet me at the cafe and take my bag (only a normal size bag so hopefully won't attract too much attention) up for me, then one of them sign me in after....
hopefully it'll work or else i shall be fcuked
scotboy75 if you could can you copy and paste the url for me and put it on this post
depends on how much james bond is in u (NO jokes here pleeease!)

If the bags pretty small u should be ok- they might ask to search it tho! Watch out for the maid as well, she might clock on and grass u up
cheers for the link mate, hopefully things will go like you said ;)
hehe cheers, now if i can report back from inside Parasio........ :lol:
haha! hope everything goes ok! best of luck - sounds as though you may need it! :D
Hi Monk!

Hiya - as mentioned above just wanted to warn you that yes Pariso is strict!

Stayed there last year and as a paying customer thought the security was fab....but if I was going as a blagger would be a bit wary. A security guard sits by the gates and you have a pass to show before you get in - results in lots of 'amorous' couples hanging around the gates at all times of night ha ha!!!

Your plan of getting your bag in with someone else that they may recognise sounds good and use someone else's pass to get in - just a name on the back so a quick flash and you should get in fine.

Pariso is also very big so chances of them knowing all the faces is slim.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
I've still got my pass card from last year at the Paraiso, you can use that to flash past the security guard!!

I dont think it would work though coz they print on the back of your card the dates you are staying at the hotel, with a barcode. The security guard then puts that under a infrared light which shows all your details on their computer. I found that the security guards always checked your card if they were not familiar with your face.
this is getting worst every day, now they have a machine to check your details!!?? can someone please tell me what's the score on them cards :confused: , do u just show the security your card and they open the gate, or do u swipe it into a machine to open the gate.
Can someone tell me the process of going in parasio please ;)
There is a big iron gate at the entrance of the hotel at which a security guard sits at a little table with a computer on it. When you walk in you show the security guard your card, he then swipes it under infrared light and looks at your details to check if you are legitimately staying at the hotel. After a while the guards recognize you and let you past without swiping your card.

I dont want to put a dampner on your holiday mate, but the guards are pretty strict and not much gets past them to be honest. They all work on shifts, so there is always a guard on duty.
Me and two mates wandered into the complex to look for some friends who were staying there...at the time the guard wasnt on his post. When we were walking out after using the on site supermarket he gave us a 'havent seen u before' look, but let us out without questions.

Just dont lug a big suitaces through the doors.

How about wandering in when other guests arrive?! then you can pass security with your luggage, once in the complex have some mate to get your suitcase and you out of their sharpish!