Going away for Christmas


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Only one year from the past ten have my wifey and I stayed home and enjoyed our own Christmas.

We have always travelled, often many hours to keep others happy. I have no real family to see so it centres around the other half and her sprawling family. It's no different this year, Christmas day & boxing day driving all over the country. I yearn for a Christmas with wifey & children and no b*gger else!

Have you ever 'gone away' for Christmas to escape the madness of family commitments?
I always always want to be away for Xmas.....well saying that not so much Xmas - I can handle one day but I absolutely hate New Year with a passion so would love to go away for that but can never afford it......maybe I should book now for next year 8)
last xmas spent in England was like 1988

I spend the duration with my eyes shut counting the days till Jan 2nd.
I was in Buenos Aires last X-mas and i was in my sarong in the gorgeous beaches of Uruguay for NYE and it was the best holidays in my life.
I loved the non-X-mas feeling there was around, everybody was manic but more because of their summer holidays than for the X-mas itself.
I would do it every year, my mom is not a possessive mum and she wouldn't say anything but wouldn't make her happy so I will try to do it every two years :D
I spent Christmas 2006 on the beach on Goa.... which was amazing BUT I really missed my family, and on ringing my mum on Christmas morning and hearing everyone in the background made me feel sad :( I had been away for 2 months at the time so that probably had a lot to do with it. I dunno though, there's something about being at home for Christmas that just feels right :)

why not stay in the UK and do something with just your immediate family? Hire a cottage somewhere remote so the rest of the family can't track you down!
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Twill be having an unconventional xmas this year.
Had enough of the usual xmas dinner of meat and 11 veg over the past 30 something years, This year i am cooking a bbq on xmas day and it will be rib eye steaks, lobster and king prawns all round.
Then off to murcia for six days from boxing day.
Christmas for me means going home. I don't see the parents 50 weeks out of the year so I really don't mind it. Over the past few years, I've actually come to really enjoy the time I spend with them. So I'm looking forward to it... well, that, and the insanely cheap clothes shopping in the States.
Normally in Bali for Christmas.

But last year we went to Thailand to stay at my brothers.
Christmas Eve was a street party for all his Thai workers (builders) who basically all drank as much as possible and jumped around to two Thai girl DJ's / Karaoke hosts in santa outfits who were very very bad at what they did.
That ordeal over with... we went to Christmas lunch at an awful hotel with only one other table occupied by a bunch of British pikeys...and to top it all the same two santa girl DJ's.
Thank god New Year's Eve in Koh Phangan's Sanctuary was pretty amazing.

This year it's Costa Rica.