going alone all season 2004



Hi im goin out 2 san an in april 2004 on my own looking 4 work staying all season. Any1 got any advice on finding cheap accomadation, and a job??

im 18 male from cambs, any1 whos interested in sharing an apartmet or who is also goin out ther just get in touch with me.

email and msn, djlewisp@hotmail.com
ask around in local bars and stuff...almost always looking for people at the beginning of the season...but be quick...lots of people go over with the same idea as you...a for accomodation...lots of new appartments/flats have gone up around the area so check out prices of those! :D
Yea even the beginning of June will b time enuff thats when all the jobs and that become available so you will have no bother finding one, I am planning to go out then myself for work..........cant wait
april is far too early,best time to go is end of june,still good time to find work and accomadation

I don't agree with you... the best moment to find the BEST JOB is end of April, beginning of may! After, you'll find one for sure, but not the one you wanted!!! Trust me!
i went out end of june 2001 and beginning of april 2002, ended up in job i wanted both times, but was very lucky i feel. was desperate to get away last year which is only reason i went so early. if you do go at beginning of april, might not get work that starts straight away, i didnt start til 1st of may. but it was okay cos i knew i had a job so i just chilled for a month - heaven.
yeah i am gonna go over aswell next year. I have lived on the costa del sol for a year and tenerife for two but fancy a change but this time i am going to go on my own.
I'm a 23 year old American girl, and I wan to work in Ibiza in 2004. I was planing on going over in early May, and was wondering if it's safe for a girl to travel alone. Also, since I can't really ferry a car, is it easy to get around even when the season hasn't offically started.
me too

hi lisalee ! i am a student. i am 21 years old .and ialso wanna work in the summer time.
Hey, if you're coming from Romania, maybe we could travel together. My boyfriend is going to be in Ukraine, and I'm going to visit him first before I come over to Ibiza. Will this be your first time working in Ibiza? I went for 10 days last summer, and fell in love. There's nothing like it here in the states.
hi there!

great! i've never been to ibiza before and i am thinking of coming there in June, maybe. i have no idea when it's the right time to come. when would u like to go there? and, by the way, i am glad we< met>. hope we keep in touch,
ilinca ;)

I am looking to work the Summer of 2004 in San An and am looking for a job and accomodation.

I am a 23 year old female from Cambridgeshire.
I should be off out for the full season in 2004 - unfortunately I won't be doing what I really want to do (and DJ out there) because i'm pretty certain that Ibiza isn't ready for my music tastes!!!

I saw a cuople people are from Cambs - i'm just across the county border in Bedfordshire :D
Get in contact if ya interested in meeting up over there - or over here!

By the way - i'm 18 and male :)