Godskitchen Residencey?



Was just lookin at the listings for last week in August and first week in September are godskitchen going to be holding a residency over in Ibiza?it says nothing on the listings!please say they are! :cry: :cry:
Yep, what on earth is going on with that lot - Sort it out Godskitchen and soon as I'm there in 10 weeks and it just aint good enough if they ain't gonna be there!
I won't be arsed if Godskitchen's not there if last year was anything to go by, Eden is a waste of space. I love my trance more than anyone but Eden is just like a Ritzys. GK was mint when it was at Amnesia but thats not likely to happen so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Crasher getting Tuesdays there.