Godskitchen or Gatecrasher@amnesia on tuesdays???


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Hi all,

For those that have been keeping an eye on this, its all very confusing.

Lets look at each side.


They are not doing any nights in ibiza so far.
They have given up there tuesday night slot
Last year it went 'wrong'
profits were down last year apparently,
amesia took their name
Their ibiza reputation is probably damaged.
suits amnesia perfectly.


A major 'player' anywhere
Have only been once, which was a disaster
amnesia took their name
would be perfect for amnesia

Lets look at the djs

Ferry and Armin were reportedy saying they are doing a resdiency at amnesia on tuesday.

Jon o bir has posted on a website that Godskitchen will be in ibiza, obviously though he can't say much more than that.

Others from this board say Armin is resident on tuesday.


Its bloody confusing!!!

I reckon it will be godskitchen@amnesia on tuesdays, with armin and ferry as weekly guests.....

Its all very exciting!!!
Or instead we could all just go to Underwater on a Tuesday night :p ;)

No I am waiting in almost as much anticipation as you Rob, I've promised Tom that Tues night can be his one trance night so I need to know what I'm letting myself in for :p