GodsKitchen Opening


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With their well deserved rep for the best in finest driving, trancey tunes, GK was something I was really looking forward to. Have been to a few their parties at Amnesia and in UK last year and on many fronts they still throw top parties.

Tall Paul was the best I’ve ever seen him, a really exciting, imaginative set. Fergie, (possibly a little chubbier than in the past) can still rock and armin van buren was a revelation to me. Top uv décor , their wonderful lasers and light show plus some fit birds giving head massages.

It’s just a shame it’s at Eden. Never been there before and, compared to the amazing delights everywhere else on the island, is just too ordinary.

The crowd were 99% british all aged under 22. a totty on the door tried to turn me away for wearing shorts!! But she was happy to let gangs of pasty blokes in ben Sherman shirts in. not sure of the long term prospects in this policy.

As I say, a shame coz the crowd at amnesia was mixed and wild, here it is all a bit subdued.

Still had a wicked night though
wow, ben shermans! i bought my first one in 67. hitch, hitch hike baby, across the floor, can't stand it no more. woooo.
do the monkey shine!

any of you know what this is??

i was more into grandad shirts and lois cords when ben shermans were in - or am i a decade or so out ? :confused:

hit the road jack and don't you come her no more.... (maybe :confused: )
:?: ... bloated ballon silk people wear to fight
middle age pandemics or scare red khmer to death ... :?:
now i know ....
shirts of Liverpools midfield Ace Ben Sherman
who didn't make it to the cup final, because he's
working on the new collection :eek:
I was there at Godskitchen opening party and f***ing loved it! :D
I thought Fergies set was wicked and a general good one all night!Agree with all those Ben Sherman shirts though....what was going on there??? :rolleyes: what a load of geeks!!It definatly should have been held somewhere else, and maybe shouldn't have let all the annoying geeks in! :lol:
You might have seen us.....3 white angles with wings and furry boots going mad!We had a good one..... :D :D
I have been to Ibiza 4 times and never gone to GG! was gonna go this year, but dont want to go to cause its at Eden, shame.
no no no

listen guys n gals. ben sherman is not a criminal! attitude is not clothing. im a big bloke and ben sherman shirts fit me nicely although read my holiday review in this forum and see if i sound like this stereotype u all see!!! in any case arent shorts worse than shermans!?
'ben shermans' sort of relates to a style of behaviour rather than a style of dress. i use it as shorthand for the beer blokes crashing around the dancefloor in an unhelpful fashion. nothing wrong with the shirts per se mate. btw. love the sig