godskitchen closing

The GK closing party is on Tuesday 17th.

John Kelly, Tall Paul, Fergie and Armin van Buuren will be there.
Hey LP

anywhere I can confirm as I'm over on Friday and reckon I may be able to persuade another friend to come if he thinks he'll get to a GK night.

Gods Kitchen Closing party

I'm there on that night, doesn't look like much else is on that night, is it work going to? Sounds like it most defo is!

Its worth it just for Armin alone.

Seen him loads of time this year, yet to hear a bad set. In my opinion Tall Paul and Fergie are very hit and miss, but hopefully they will be on form. John Kelly isn't the best DJ around by any stretch of the imagination, but you can bet he will bang out the classics, and thats what you want at a closing party.

Go along. I'll be making my second trip out this year, for this, Subliminal and Cream. Can't bloody wait!


firstly apologies. I do trust you it's just I'm gonna need a hard copy and a lot of my persuasional powers (ah go-on go-on go-on go-on go-on go-on lol) If I'm to get my friend to go.

Russ. DO GO!!! I went to a GK night last year (a lil reluctantly may I add) at amnesia and had the best night of the hols. Everybody there seemed to be there for the right reasons - MUSIC and an insatiable lust for 'one more'.

havagudun my comrade in the quest for the perfect aural experience :D


To be honest i went to gk this year and it was nothing compared to last years. The crowd was falling all over the place NOT dancing and i just didn't feel as if i could get into it. Mauro picotto played who was a let down, saw him last year for GK ta amnesia and was amazing, this year very ordinary!!!
However i can accept that i may have gone on ao OFF night!!

Damm you amnesia!!!!!!

Yopyop: You wanted hard evidence, well here it is: http://www.godskitchenonline.com/ibiza/listings.htm

Now you have no excuses for not dragging your mate along!

Robo, I agree that Amnesia was a much better venue than Eden is this year. You will always get a larger proportion of Idiots going because of where it is located, but the music manages to lift me above that. (Unless Picotto is playing, in which case it is just unlistenable bilge!!)
Much obliged LP :D

Down to his purse string elasticity now.

As for me, well it looks like I'm hooking up with Russ100 so I'm sure we'll have a top night.

l8a peeps
GK - The 2nd Closing Party

Just got back from Ibiza Sunday am. I went to Gk @ Eden on 2/09 best DJ on the night Scott Project. Some people we met went the following week (09/09) when it was billed as the GK closing party only to find out later Gods had party planned for the 16/09 called Encore !!!. They felt cheated by this.
Not really my type of music, but I have seen Scot Project before at Gatecrasher, and I agree, this guy is wikid! (with mad hair)