god my grammar is terrible....Reviews from 2004/5


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Another 2 weeks!!! lol

I could review my whole hols from my excellently located yet dirty, shoddy apartments (Es Calo Playa), to the reduction in club water prices resisting the extortionate price rises (is the Euro to blame?) but the clubs are more exciting so lets talk dancing!!

29th June - We Love Sundays @ Space - Superchumbo, Steve Lawler, Unknown Resident

So I went to space once last year.. last night of my holiday money was low but sasha was playing..i had to go… after the long bus trip over I was sorely disappointed. The inside of space is big and black and sasha was duller and darker than the deepest corner in the place. The terrace was well and truly over as bodies of mass destruction lay around it every where. I felt I missed the party.

This year I made no such mistake. After a delayed flight from Glasgow we reached Ibiza at 10am.. a few hours sleep, no food a litre of vodka and at 6pm I embraced the terrace…

I walked in smashed, a very happy smashed, and superchumbo had already placed firm smiles on the happy terrace people…. Lee Cabrera's Shake It just ripped the soul out of the place then gave it back a bigger soul when the breakdown kicked in!! Wicked!

Next up was the res who started with last years biggest underground tune “Blackwater”. This was, unfortunately and regrettable the second last tune I would remember. I was just too messed up!! Talking to strangers, asking ridiculous questions and enjoying some ridiculous dancing I had a ball but it was a blurry ball. In the midst of it I remember going to the toilet then running back to the dance floor before I got their as the ever recognisable “music…. Music….. music…” of X-press 2's classic Muzik X press hammered out of the speakers…

To the man I waited for, Lawler, and it really is a blur… chunky funky terrace music was the order of the, now night, finishing in the huge “Let's Get Ill” and yes I did dance – it's all in good fun!!

All in all and excellent first night although a little to messy. Space had re written my opinions of it…although I didn't risk ruining it by going inside!

Excellent first day!

Manumission @ Privilege with Griff & Dave Seaman!

So we've all done it before…fought through the tourists, wowed and wooed the spectacular shows and danced to remixes of the “big” dance tunes. I went because my friends wanted to.

I'm so glad I did.

Privilege is an experience in it's self and walking in to “Do Your Thing” was awesome!! The females and males were fantastic (costumes and looks), the show was anything murder (sorry bout the pun) and Dave Seaman was sensational, although he may have played a more commercial set than usual.

The music was on a party vibe all night with “my love is always there”, “Justin T”, “Less Talk”, “So Much Love” and “Sweet Dreams”.

Seaman was the real shock. Having never seen him I was interested to see what he would do as A Global Underground DJ in Manumission puzzled me. He was Sensational. Funky Proggy music starting with a huge proggy number with a woman breathing in an opera style…any one know this track? He also dropped “Let's Get Ill” and the moment of my night was “Running Up That Hill”. Only regrets were leaving it to late to go into the globe and watch sunrise but let's not cry over spilt milk….excellent night all round.

Underwater @ Pacha – Darren Emerson, Xpress 2, Neil Anthony

Props to Neil Anthony for a great set warming up for Emerson. Big chunky house from the guy who started everything in a student union! Pacha was extremely quiet till 2.30am then filled quickly as Emerson took the decks. This was the first time I had seen Emerson and I was more than a little excited after warming up to the excellent Underwater CD at the flat. He was really good taking things a little more techy from Anthony's house sound.

Finally the thing I was waiting for – X Press 2!!! I was puzzled as to how Pacha's Petit DJ booth would fit 6 decks – surely logistically impossible. But a trip up the stairs behind the booth revealed all – the door was locked with the third set of decks set up behind it. X Press 2 did not disappoint. They were absolutely amazing adding some tracky funk to the techy house of Emerson and Anthony. These 3 Dj'ing gangs played perfectly for one another and the night flowed so well. I later found out that Emerson was supposed to finish but X Press 2 had a flight problem resulting in them finishing… I think the airline were looking out for Pacha's clubbers. X-Press 2 played the best encore I have ever heard dropping octave 1, eurythmics and then chaka khan's aint nobody……. Emerson then finished with his own mix of “Less Talk” after A certain mr morillo took too the mic and requested one more tune….. looking up I sensed a cocky morillo gate crashing a new night….made sense of Emerson's recent claims of Morillo being “a control freek”…….

A wee mention about Pacha and the set up. It amazes me why Underwater et al want to have parties in Pacha. It is over priced and snooty, an image which clubbing does not need. However underwater's visuals were sensational….bubbles on the white boards giving that sinking feeling (sorry) and the clean cut aqua blue underwater logo on every wall. Musically, and visually this was a pleasing night…pity about the venue..

Sublliminal @ Pacha with Eric Morillo and Cassius

OK. Call me a hipocryte..i just slagged pacha and morillo yet I'm going to see them.
I love subliminal and until last night I loved morillo so that's my reason…. I'm not going to let the snobs of pacha ruin my love of dance music.

Tonight was Morillo's turn to show that he didn't need underwater to succed (although he did try to take the thunder last night! Lol).

A singular cassius (no bearded one) was warming up a busier Pacha as we entered and done a very good job playing what was quickly becoming the summer tune – their own “Sunshine”. Overall he played very well before mr morillo came down.

After no less than five minutes of Mic action from morillo the needle finally hit the groove and a cheesy old acapella about peace love and happiness pipes out. This set the tone for the night. Morillo was very disappointing. Subliminal by numbers seems to becoming more common for this guy and if you put your hands over your eyes it could have been last year. He played all the tunes from the last 3 years (not all classics) His mixing was sketchy on several occasions and their was no morillo magic. He finished with an hour of ear splitting “tin pan house” all the tunes sounding like someone hitting a pot with a spoon to a basic drum roll.

Morillo 90% guarantees a good night…he is a good dj…. But it's all the same tunes and all the same tricks. The highlights were hccr's “I go back” but finishing on 808 state and Ministers De La Funk's “Believe” highlights the points I've made above.

Round One to Underwater guys……. In fact round 2 to Darren and Co I wouldn't be making my planned second trip to subliminal.

Rest of week one was all about vodka limons @ mambo…..

We Love Sundays @ Space…….Cassius, Lawler

After a week of hammering I decided I wanted a bit of a rest..but at Space…I started the trek to Playa Den Deciding not to drink or take anything…. Just to enjoy the music….big risk I hear you say .it's a long day!

I'm so glad I done it…. Cassius (singular again) was tremendous….. Hammering out amazing funky French house which gave a sober guy goose pimples on several occasions… dropping “sunshine”, Feeling for you” and “sound of violenece” he highlighted just how good these guys were at producing. The mixing was pretty poor at times( he didn't rely on headphones much. appearing to mix live!!) but the tune selection made up for it…

Lawler came on after 20 mins of waiting as the crowd wanted more Cassius !!! When he did his first record had a big scratch which he laughed off while the sound guys attempted to fix it mid spin !! Cassius had all ready had a needle fly right off the record earlier so they were well worked!! Lawler was his usual self hammering huge chunky tunes including “Come Together”, “Music is the answer” and a massive tune with the vocal “Lets get this party started…….” Anyone? He finished with Afrika Bambatta's classic Be Bop a Be Bop A Lula to a delighted terrace…. Again I refused to venture inside and went home on a high….

The space terrace had now cemented it's place as my second favourite club in Ibiza after Amnesia.

Underwater@ Pacha with Darren Emerson, Neil Anthony, Tim Deluxe and Layo & Bushwacka!

What a mouth watering line up!

What a bizarre night!

I perched my self eagerly behind the decks to see Neil Anthony yet again simmering away (no big tunes!!! Well done!!) to a ¾ full pacha. Again he played well. As Layo and Bushwacka came on I watched in wonder as they tore the place up, from funky house to techy house their speed behind the decks amazed me. As I downed another 10 quid whisky I felt the need to have a chat with a nearby Neil Anthony who talked away – great guy. Next thing I new I had emerson. Deluxe and Morillo standing beside me!! Being pissed I asked Deluxe how his leg was after his BMXing thing and he grabs morillo b the shirt shouting it was his fault! For some reason morillo explains himself to me!! I then cheekily ask him if he is gate crashing the u water parties to which I get a morillo esque “No way baby, were lovin everybody @ underwater and @ subliminal, it's all about these great parties and you gotta show us all some love” er ok mate.

Back to the music and layo and bushwacka were excellent as another set of Dj's I seen for the first time. As they finished Emerson and Deluxe took to the decks pulling out all manner of FX units. but what really caught my attention was the 2 bottles of wine, two bottles of water, 1 litre of absolut and 16 bottles of orange now in the booth.

As Deluxe started with an excellent white stripes mix my legs started moving for the first time. I then, in all my wisdom, attempted to drink their water. After seeing a girl ask the guy, who was pouring the drinks for Emerson and Deluxe, for some water I promptly got her to fill my glass….

Then the most bizarre thing that has ever happened whilst clubbing happened…

Over the next four hours Matt from Underwater promptly filled my glass with orange absolut and ice… Trevor Nelson offered me a puff from his ahem freshly rolled cigarette and I chatted away with the underwater team. I don't know if it was a misunderstanding or if I was being a groupie but I was wrecked on about a litre of free absolut…..PACHA REVENGE IS SWEET!!!

Musically this was again sensational hearing “Everybody” , “I Feel Love” “Shake Yours”. The new Tim Deluxe Track and “born slippy” I left bleary eyed at 8am and realised I had just had one of my best clubbing experiences ever..

Matt from Underwater…I salute you!

OK im going on a bit so last night!!! Cream @ Amnesia – Jon Carter, andy Carol, steve Lee

I love the terrace in amnesia and spending my last night out there was a joy. Getting there early to enjoy the warm up dj was great and he really got a tired (still sober) dance fan in the mood. Jon Carter came on about 4 and started with some excellent Balearic records. He quickly moved into the vocal house of Tony Senghore's “Is the System Working” Sharam Jay's “Shake Yours” and Mutiny's “Jack You. Finishing the housey stuff with his own “Go Down” it all went dark and techy!! We had Paul Jackson's “The Push”, A massive version of “you got the love” and some really good deep stuff. He finished fantastically on cosmos's mix of “clocks”.

Now I don't know who the last dj was but he was amazing! He was hammering out the classics and it was superb. Triscos' “Muzik”, “Shake It” and every other house tune that you know!!!

He finished with “two months off”, “sunshine” and then “Café del mar” – the first time ive heard the latter in a club…it all cam to a premature end as a steward pulled the plug during the breakdown…it was 7am already ….

Cream has suffered hard but they still know how to do it and in a venue as amazing as amnesia it really does go off!!

2005 Hey dudettes...

Came back my hols on Sunday and bloody hell am I still dying.. I think this is it.. my last days on earth..

sore head... pressure on my brain... when my pulse goes it reverberates throughout my whole body and then there's the sleeping... or the lack of it... instead replaced by hallucinations of the highest order... to the extent that I'm shouting help in my sleep...

i'm off it!!! (Until i feel better)

anyway 3rd year on the ole white aisle and it was very different from before...


It's quieter
the music is just as good
the space terrace looks like burger king
the money man has finally taken over......(850 Quid in a week)

For those interested...


Bora Bora

Picked up a crazy new Australian mate (then quickly sacked him as he refused to get a round in). Bora Bora was awesome as always!!! Planes, Ladies and Sand really gets you in the mood for the one, the only....

We Love At Space...

Danny Howells, Groove Armada and Paul Woolford on the terrace

Was a cracking night just wish I could remember more of it
Superstyling blew the terrace away and I heard a wee tune you can help me ID... quite deep with no vocals just a big horn breakdown that goes doo,doo,doo,dooooo,doo, doo doo...
ha ha

Anyway space has the best crowd, the best dj's, the best atmosphere and the best tunes... I love it!



first time here and damn was it good...

negatives first...

Spanish people on the whole are very ignorant. They have no manners and do not know how to party. Sweeping. Stereotypical. Call it what you may it's my opinion and I can back it up on what I experienced last week.

It would be unfair just to lable DC10 with this negative. Everywhere had it however DC10 and Pacha were the worst. They banmg into you. They dance in your personal space and they take your drinks from the table. They are fannys.

However donot let this put you off DC10. The place is *beep* crazy!!! When the colonel Sanders lookalike lets you in and the police search your/car/crack/arse for drugs you come into a scarey scarey room. It's small and pitch *beep* black with the scariest house/electro/techno you will ever hear. It's dark and so deep that if you dance and fall in you won't be getting back out.

Anyway i scooted through here to the terrace and wow... Big Fun was hammering out the speakers and it was just spell binding!!! Full of Freaks, Geeks and anyone who could be arsed getting over there... It stayed open two hours later than it should of due to a *beep* pounding tania vulcano set... It really was a sensational night...


You have to go man... slag me if you like but it's a good wee night and with tom middleton and Do me bad things playing you can't go wrong... Fischerspooner played live on the main stage and i had a god night... It's all about experiencing this.. but it's more of a cabaret act than a club!


*beep*? What actually happened to Tuesday?? ZZZZZzzzzz


Subliminal @ Pacha

Was really knackered Wed but the intrigue of seeing hwat Morillo would do after Josh Wink warmed him up with some Nasty as *beep* acid amused me....

And this folks is where mr money joined my holiday..

Pacha has finally turned it's self from night club to complete and utter money making machine...

48 Euros for a pre sale ticket and no free drink..
12 Euro Vodkas
More Cords than cargos
More Moet than Evian
More VIP space than dance floor
and a constant line of people just walking....walking and walking... I couldn't dance for more than 30 seconds without a greasy Spanish elbow in my face.

The music was good but Pacha has well and truly lost it and it actually spoiled this night.

Where's the ACIEEEEED!


VIVA Opening at Space!

The complete opposite of last night!!

Free Entry!!
A Good Uk and Italian Crowd!!

Clive Henry warmed up fantastically with a cracking mix of Do What You Do To Me before Lawler took to the terrace at 2am... His set was awesome!! Drums and Drums and Haunting Vocals.... Three seperate people asked me if I was standing on a trampoline the tunes were just that good... Afetr two hours of pounding us (and a cracking duran duran dub) he finished up with the amazing Rythmique!! Stu Hirst should be a proud man for making a cracking tune!!

Misseurs slam then played the finishing set on the terrace which was a good ending to a cracking night!!! They played on two laptops which was cool and the finishing 20 minutes was a *beep* sonic assault from all sides!!! The tunes were absolutely cracking... I wouldnt even hazard a guess to a genre!! Lets just say they were grounbreakingly Swooshy!!! Just a shame there was only about 200 folk left!!

PS I havent forgotten about MR Money! 9 Euro for a San Mig is not on!!


Pure Pacha

Call me a glutton for punishment but when it's the last night you have to go for it... Another £100 quid from the bamk meant I could spend 50 euro on a bit of paper too see Yousef, Mills and Tong... If you want to know about the club read Wednesdays review... the tunes this night did make up for it slighlty..

I was expecting Yousef to play tribal deep house and then I forgot this is not 2000 and he's not a mixmag CD! The boy done good. The Joachim Phoenix lookalike seems to have addedd a bit of electronica to his bassy sets and *beep* me is it good.... biggest tunes was that horn thing from the weekend.. What is it??

Mr Tong was his usual self.. The David Brent of Djing.. Staying cool for the kids and throwing his hands up in the air at exactly the wrong time... he played some good tunes including a cracking renix of David Bowie's Rebel Rebel but overall he has no direction. He throws on tunes much as he does on his radio show... one genre after another and it just doesn't work.... Hold on a minute a Spanish guy just lifted my drink... Anyway back to the tunes.. they were ok over all but after reading Tong in Pacha Magazine all my fears came true...

"Clubbing has lost it's glam.... There 's no extravagance anymore... We want to bring that back to Pacha"

Sorry Pete but give me a sweaty whorehouse factory, a big tune, the hand in the air of the guy next to me who I don't know and a drink of some fannys water.....That's Clubbing....

Over and Out
P.S See you out there next year!