Global Underground Launch New Series


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Global Underground is to release a new series, entitled ‘24:7’, based on obsession. The series will be kicked off by Danny Howells, who has stated of his obsession with music… “I was obsessed with the fact that you could get music out of a 7 inch piece of plastic. That was really my first obsession and that's why I used to hold a record as opposed to a pacifier. Instead of a toy, I would carry a single around".

CD1 features Honeyroot, DJ Shadow and a Mescalito remix of The Black Dog, whilst CD2 includes Bent, Sam Paganini and more. Global Underground have stated of the new series… “'24:7' is much more than a series. It transcends the confines of a single mix, a single night, one club or one style. It is the way that life sounds from the inside out for a DJ that can't get the music out of hi system.” ‘Danny Howells 24:7’ will be released on July 21.